xanga does not allow me to upload pics !:< what maintenance so annoying ): went t cut hair w fatty tdy omg haha i think i cut off a bit too much HAHAHA till collarbone! :O fatty's hair v cool got 2 stripes across his left side ahahaha. anw we had korean bbq for lunch at ecp! so yummy eat till stomach like storybook/panties burst hahaha :< didnt cycle cos it was like gonna rain, played in e sand + sat around w pokka green tea! and we walked to parkway mall SO FAR LEH WAHLAOOO i thought near only. walk half hour then reach ahhaha. anw our visas got approved so im leaving for new zealand in july. 5th if massey books us on that flight. i dont know if i should be happy? but army is stealing my boyfriend anyway ): so i should just study HAHA RARRRR. hungarlee now. NO PICTURES :{


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