& make the change

Me & my fatty hahahaat 8am plus in zee morning today!haha.yummy curry poks x 2 for breakfast,thanks fatz! then we went t my sch tgt hehe & we had yummy tomyam @ ITAS. its not bad actually!LOL.although school food is usually disgusting..this one is a rare case! mouth burning,bought PEPSI & STRAWBERRY YOGHURT whoohoo!he went t sch after thatwalked him out t busstop. Freaking teacher pang seh-ed us today.class cancelled or smthg.stupid class rep didnt tell us either.yuqing got damn pissed it was funny haha.second lunch w the mates.senang around in class till CPA tcher came.shes insane i swear. what’s with the ” i must teach you all something about respect” shit know so annoying!!! met sis near home area with her friend,had snacks and then we homed tgtdaddy bought me & sis new havainas from aussie!cos hes there now hehe.yay daddy is love. travelled 2 hours to GoldCoast just to find for us hehe.mummy so cute bought us durian/banana/pandan/coffee cupcakes for snack later at night.& we bought tao huay just now!omg eat eat eat supper very happy pokpok!


Heart of gold

Yesterday there was this baby lizard on my ceiling. well at first i was gonna let it go,till it moved nearer & nearer to my room. tried shooting rubber bands at it to make it go the other direction but it didnt work!!! my powerful maid came & used a bamboo stick to whack it & it dropped down & she grabbed it w her hand omg.hahaha bye lizard RIP k hahaha tell your family not to come near me else all will die![check out my maid’s pic below hahaa]

school today was zzz.Mloct!!! the E lodgement prog was damn hard to use & comprehend.ended up damn pissed off and annoyed hahaha lunched w yuqing cos we were damnnn hungry.back t Ilaw to play typing maniaccccc!whoooo.how to get above 300000 pls.went for driving zzz sooo tired i didnt sleep last night cos of the white coffee i had before that.urgh. fatty came t find me!SURPRISEEEDDDD cos i didnt know he’d end earlyhappy happy!went to mail some stuff & had chicken rice yummmmy.gonna see him again tmr!

last sat’s pics that i couldnt upload!mummy & daddy



Youth Sunday message by matt was good his messages are by far the most interesting and hilarious.haha luv it.nice seeing familar faces tdy in service. Joshua’s song Turning into grey was damn good. he should join S.idol please. he wrote the song & tune & sang it.damnnn nice.the dance team was good too hahaha peter isaac chan khoon lau the ballerina.okay la he danced well i just get a kick out of laughing at him cos he learns ballet

After service mummy drove us to Bukit Timah area for lunch @ some Jap restaurant.damn nice!sashimi x 54725315, udon,sushi,everything! pricing also v cheap. 4 ppl $77 bucks.daddy’s away booooo i miss him! we had old town white coffee after lunch.yummmy.homed after that.slackslack,gotto head t Post office tmr.some deal w a girl hehe im getting her bagssss!nice shit.& i have t mail her some dresses & all.headed t the market w mummy & fatz. which reminds me,my soya bean pearl drink is still in the fridge!urgh shall get it now.hah bye ive sch at 9 tmr gonna reach by 715 yoohoooo im the earliest in sch can go sit w the aunties & uncles alr hahaha



fatty got me shimmery purple & bright sunny yellow nail polish from Face Shop!YAYYYY thank you my fatty bombs. you make me happpppy.


Come drop by Covenant EFC if you are free. Sunday morning 10am at Woodlands or 9/11 am at Bukit Panjang. Youth service Sat night bukit panjang 710pm-910pm.

Isaiah 40:29-31
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


I cant seem to upload pictures from handphone into my xanga! its alr in my desktop pics but xanga wont allow them to be uploaded :< today morning was fun! breakfast & grocery shopping w family. we srsly look like we feed a family of 10 or smthg.the groceries pile up like nothing & we buy normal stuff like meat/veg no idea why the bill shoots up so high & why we always look like we buy so much :/ home for lunch & stuff. we’re building 8 new shoe cabinets so my maid took out all our shoes today.wtfreakkk man i saw my GB boots & like my sec1-2 footwear haha horror of horros! super gross shoes & all. Vanessa!spot the red pointed pumps i was telling you about.hahaha. my house stinks cos of the shoes & dust eeek.i should have a garage sale!lol.

fatz came we watched twilight again haha! we are loserated ppl.always doing the same boring stuff.baked nicenice cookies too! giving them to wk,shijie,yuqing & van this coming monday.wheewhee!i should bake another batch soon.there werent too many cos i burnt the first batch by accident HAHAAA. & i cut mangoes for snack & we had that & curry puffs & apple crumple piez! daddy is going to aussie later at 10.we’re going to the airport at 9. cant wait for him to get back next friday! i just realised i havent done by C&P tutorial.nor have i copied the lecture notes from vbus cos i skipped lecture ytd.tsk.gotto do it tmr.hoho bye lovez!


GNC gave us some free vit c moisturizer cos we bought many vitamins/pills hahaha & i bought some new hair cream! wanna try lucidol instead of liese.hoho.

durian durian durian!!!


i have been seeing fatty everyday! next week cannot already cos his school will be starting! met early today morning at 8ish & had ice blended mocha w pearls from biz!haha nice.had class for 2 hours so fatz went to the library to wait for me!Lunch was nice,.prawn noodles & kway chap & durian drink whoohoo went back t sch lab to play typing maniac haha super fun & thrilling la!driving was -.- as usual.gonna fail TP hahaha.met customer on the way back.so annoying these ppl always bugging for meetupsgood thing at my convenience so its ok ha. daddy’s flying to aussie tmr.booo.

breaking news today is that king of pop michael jackson died.omg.RIP.

super tired ah byebye!



I reached school at freaking 7 am!!! parents sent so i had 2 hours to waste. shall give C&P lecture a miss tomorrow.sick of going t sch so early!Apel video was nice.but it was just 20mins omg.-.- civil sucked.i have no comments hahahaha.lunched w fatz at KFC again.coleslawwwwyummy i want some now! driving was boring.circuit’s slope was super hard i stalled ha.& I MET MELISSA PNG BFF & we went home tgt! fatz & i went to the market to get soyabean pearl & grass jellllly!wanted chicken wings but they told us to wait for like 20 mins so longgg so we walked home.

my house’s waterfall is getting niceerrrr everyday! still lots of construction but its ending sooon.by this week yay & new waterfall whoooo.driving again tmr & civil lab work due.shucks mann.


Today’s our 23rd Monthsary!!! fatty came to my house at 0830 am hehe we had nice curry poks that he bought for our breakfast! & we went to my school tgt & had second breakfast[chicken rice & 2 strawberry smoothies] before i had to go for classes school’s boring. No lunch today cos we had ‘proj meeting’ hahahaha ended up as another bonding session lol! chicken pie & fishball! rushed home today was supposed to wait for mummy in sch but was 1 hr early so decided to bus then wait for parents to pick me up near my house im starving.AGAIN. & i just had dinner 1 half hours ago. gonna make some Tom Yam noodles NOW.after Red Thread haha!

Happu 23rd Month you fatso. luv you many