Travelled almost 2 hours to NP by BUS.piang almost died la please SUPER LONG. &&&&& MY IPOD DIED !)*$^)$^*)!$% so angry! couldnt even turn on & the battery was FULL okay wth. reached NP’s stop & fatz got up the bus & we headed to THE DAILY SCOOP ice cream cafe. yummy we ate $10.70 worth of ice cream & waffles HAHA. felt so sick after that la yuckzzzz. got my pretty pink earpcs from fatz. one for vanny one for me! my old one tore cos i accidentally hooked it onto a zip.shit.went t mummy’s office for a while w snacks for her haha. EACH A CUP at library was nice! met fatty’s mummy,sis & bro at cheers & we went to the auditorium.haha ceremony was ok.not too draggy hehe took some pics here & there. yay fatz got his award! & i saw Mr Looi & his daughter HAHA.had dinner there & we got free photos! on the spot take & get. parents picked me & home sweet home! IM DRAINED. tmr gg cycling at ECP w family & fatz.HAHA


so cute :>

heading out in 25 mins! fatty’s getting colours award for squash later.hehe so im going w his mummy & maybe his daddy! going early to head out for ice cream after i pick him from school.lol. My course manager just facebook msg-ed me to tell me he’s going for the colours award later as well cos his daughter is also from NP squash HAHA OMG. and i asked fatty if he knew his daughter & he was like YAAAAA we play POLITE team tgt one& i saw the pictures HAHA gonna meet Mr L later in NP then.tsktsk

i just ate a whole plate of CARBS. spaghetti to the max. my maid loves feeding me carbs tyvm. & i just watched jon&kate plus 8! most adorable show EVER. am ordering lacoste bags yehehehe. cant wait to get my hands on them when they arrive! last day to order if ya’ll want it. http://www.daintyshoes.blogspot.com so far ive around 5 orders I THINK.haha gdbye im off!


HAHAHA so cute! Went to school for a mere 45 mins today.awesomeeee hahah wasted my time travelling but the lecture was impt so..no choice! This old lady sat next to me in the bus & she talked to me.haha i thought she’d speak in chinese/hokkien but she spokein perfect english!LOL shes like 70ish kind.so cutey.

i need to study civil pro! just did Mloct project 2.sian like ballz. Am chatting with a customer via sms.haha shes damn funny keeps ‘omg-ing’ at me.funnnnny please. customers like her are nice. just mailed out some stuff to another nice girl ytd as well. i like customers who speak nicely & enquire nicely haha. anw im conducting some lacoste spree on http://www.daintyshoes.blogspot.com for guys & girls bags. YES ALL ARE AUTHENTIC  spree closes this SATURDAY. same goes, if youre my friend you get it at cost price. the bags are at least $40 cheaper than retail.

gdday ya’llz me is gonna do some productive work!

convo-ing with gannies & pauline twinnie on msn.i didnt know gannies flew over to aus for uni alr!omg & shes like staying w twinnie & they’re attending the same uni. makes me feel like going over too, esp when youve got good friends overseas you sure wanna go one right!haha,ill go like next year or in 2 years after stupid fatty finishes NS & my sis is done w poly..mhmm thinking about the future suckz.haha i feel so caught in between. local uni is sooo overated & so out for me.tsk. dont wanna think of mugging my eyes & heart out while ppl my age are having fun hahaha.

oh wells.shall see where God leads.. in His time.

9pm show starting!gdday ya’ll.

its true we’ll make a better day just you & me

hehehe we had currypoks & macs today!wah shaker friez for the first time eeyer not nice to eat one!haha maybe cos we combined 2 large fries with 1 seasoning only lol! they didnt allow us to buy 2 shaker friez? weird. so we ate mac chicken, double cheeseburger, 6 chicken nuggets, 1 large milo, 1 large coke & 2 huge packs of garlic chilli.HAHAHA so fat. so satisfying! though the fries werent very nice or anything. btw fries is like one of the most cancer causing foods right? omg die.hahaha.they dont decompose in your body till 1 month later!!! anw went back to school & i went to class.mhmm criminal procedure was nice. think the tcher’s super funny & cute.tsk accounting sucked.whats new whats new! had teacher evaluation today i gave her half ‘DISAGREE’ answers.so mean but i dont feel that she deserves a high evaluation though! went home alone. wk sj went to chio gua with ry & yr.haha chio gua supposedly means ‘sing’? no idea.hahaha! so yes anw im back home & im not gg to sch tmr cos only have 1 hour lecture for crim & no sch on fri too & yay thurs only 1 hour class! hohoho.

friday gonna attend fatty’s colours award ceremony at NP..wah my fatty got colours award ah!HAHAHAHA.okay time for dinner. IM STARVING LIKE A PIG.


Ahh fatty boy came over to my school today. lunched @ SUBWAYwhoohoohooo!yummyyummy!
bumped into vanny & serene there lol wanted frolick but was frigging full from all the cookies & coke & stuff. walked around we wanna get the UNIQLO hoodie tgt hahaha!  they’re having sale like 49.9 to 29.9 hehe shall go see again tmr or smthg!homed tgt. did something damn funny today. we rode out on a scooter-.- to buy soya bean pearl HAHAHA.joke. 2 overgrown kids on a small kiddy scooter scootering down the road. damn fun, didnt have to walk cos it was a slope down,just stand & chiongggg!haha did it 3 times up down up down & finally went home to shower. i cut fatz hair hahahaha so cutey.

msn-ing with steph now haha super super funny im secretly laughing at the uk 20 thing hahaha! replying fats on msn too & vanessa at the same time haha omg i gotto go all 3 orange msn lights blinking!