fatz came over super early tdy.hahaha zzzz sleeping mode please haha!enrolled his IS module,what physical fitness shit to prepare for NS HAHAHA!had lunch,did up our ipods,added more music lol & took bus to CDC.stupid leh,our instructor installed a brake on his side of the car[left side] HAHA he went to the toilet while i was sitting at the driver’s seat,so i bent down to see & tadaaaa haha he has a brake tooscared we crash his car ah?lol.drove until headache please.waited for fatty after that.met customer again knn haha angry please im not doing anymore meetups!always wasting time waiting for ppl to arrive-.- charged the girl $3 meetup fee cos she was late HAHAHA yes i am mean,so what!waste my time RIGHT ANOT.irony is,tmr im meeting up again.but she’s a friend so its ok HAHAHA! & i owe another girl her bag & leggings which ill deliver after i get back from Japan.omg sianzzzx.day & night out w fatty tmr.yay!ily.21 mths soon HAHA.




We caught confessions of a shoppaholic today wait,is that the title?yes i think it is hahaha.it was nice,hilariously funnyyyy! nice time tgt anw,and we had lunch @ Nihon Mura haha im damn sick of Jap food urgh.somemore going to Japan HAHA damnnnn.looking fwd to buying back stuff for fatty! DUTY FREE HAHAHA. love airport shops btw. back to point,we ate for close 2 hrs,bused to Centrepoint,he wanted his toycars-.- then bought him his Renoma Key thingy tsk.trained back tgt,mummy pickeddaddy’s out at Bible Study Fellowship now.skipped dinner,drank soup only cos i feel full at the moment.shall eat cereal later! driving again tmr.sometimes i drive till can sleep please.zzzzz.
We’re praying for God’s direction whether or not to invest in the new condoso pls pray for us too hahaha.

x hi fatty ily!

so he wont see.

Sermon today was good.loved it.ended up cancelling our WG meetup cos peter,gid,steph,joe,zephy couldnt make it.haha next wk then!but ill be in japananyhowww,we had lunch @ PS area,& the famous Rochor Road Tao Hway!nice!went to see condo showroom behind CATHAY.parents considering as investment hahahahha.i hope they get it!then i can watch movie everyday hohoho.anw it’s not that ex considering it’s in the middle of town.mhm.went shopping at Raffles City.bought present for cousin’s bdaywent homeeee.sleeepy already hahaha.dinner at cousin’s house in 1 hrs time.zzzz.

need t do tagging for blogshop alr!hoho.




The pic above-fatz in my pri 6 specs HAHA!



stayed home today.i dont see anything particularly anticipating outside haha.its just damn boring!!! threadless spree,bought both of us one tee each.major sale what,$5 USD per tee with shipping fees still less than $15 only haha!(: loveeeee it. been busy doing online ads.hahaha i really dislike it when customers pay for their item & then take so long to tell me when they wanna collect it or smthg.hahaha.but i like it that they pay fast though.HAHAHA.anw PLS CLEAR MY LAST VICTORIA SECRET WRISLET. im so tempted to keep so many but my mother has been scolding me to get rid of my VS stocks HAHA im hoardingggg! http://www.daintyshoes.blogspot.com

mon im treating fatz jap food on mon.along w our movieee date. it’s been 20 months!haha i am amazed that i can even love a person for that long HAHA,thought i’d only love someone for 6 mths max? baby heart you long term sometimes you’re super irritating but i know i am too,so we both irritate the hell of each other & so ill still love you hahahahaha. 
RYAN HPY.all the best w your new r/s,haha jiayou okay!you were supposed to get married this year!that’s what you told me!HAHAHAHA.

okay tdy’s a boring wkend.stuck @ home,church tmr & lunch w the churchies i think!i can’t wait!


Don’t know what’s wrong w xanga.cant reply comments!-.- lol anw headed to SENTOSA today w fats.woke up early early haha!free entry thanks to daddy!went on the luge ride for the 124951760th time already!that’s the nicest part of sentosa hoho!had subway for lunch,played in the sand,built sandcastles lol.bought my necklace from F21 yayyyy!& had awfully chocolate for snack.omg nice ice cream!went t bishan,fattys did a meetup for me,yay $$$!  dinnered at pizza hut w fam.urgh 1 week to japan.fattyyyyy!


popeye the sailor man!

Went over to fatty’s house today.watched my fav jon&kate plus 8,ordered PIZZA HUT delivery!10 chicken wings!packed up his room omg frking dusty! & so many cocoons omg sick shit haha his sister screamed super loudly eh lol.anw his room is super tidy now yay & omg he has tonnes of toycars kill me eh.i wiped like more than 100 pls haha in the boxes still have another 100 +!!!anwwww played around in his popeye top which i took home to bring to japan HAHAHA.& i stole his doraemon mouse! & hes gna pay for my top HAHAHA.bestbest.took 6 buses tdy,he took 8 omg.met Wenkai at interchange! i just cut my bowl of garlic again!yummmy eh.sentosa tmr!

love butterfly chrochet top hoho.


check out the toycars & his younger days pic with peter HAHA at mission trip!





my mother gave me her v v v precious wallet! no prizes for guessing what brand though haha! i love it! anw,we had driving again,1-4.omg waiting for fatty is terrrrrible,1half hrs alone stonning,listening to music,reading,haha!had ban mian & roasted charsiew rice for snack at 4ish oh & tehhh ping too! i love tehping.esp those damn icy cold ones!met sis at gardens.homed tgt!i ate a bowl of garlic just now.i love garlic HAHAHA.going to fatty’s house tmr to clean up his room & order pizza hut delivery!HOHO.