churched today!haha my typical sunday morning since i was born lol.sermon was pretty good.tammy gave me starbursts to eat haha it was niceeee! went to SPC area for lunch,alfunghi pasta & sh’s muscleeeee pasta with garlic chilli whoooo.sugar cane juice!parents dropped us & sis at bishan, we trained t town tgt & sis got off at orchard. headed to Citylink’s starbucks to study.yay caramel frap today!sh’s treat cus he earned $$$ from blogshop haha! bought some presents for people & we walked arounddd after doing work.omg i want that black topshop tank!hahahhh shall get it soon,maybeeee after the hectic xmas period.shall go aussie to see whether there are any nicer things first ill be there in like..12 days!omg.bring my lappy to webcam with sh hahaha omg iloveyou. dinnered with the cousins at country club!buffet haha,i ate like at least 30 stalks of serious hahahahhhh it was reallllly nice esp garlic veg! bowled 2 sets after that,my finger/arm hurts now.but it was fun!haha,love coussssies

Sch tmr!i like my group mates hahaha i like school except for the studying for tests/exams part tsk.



Caramel whipped cream was wooo.


Oooookay noob hahahah.i had to buy those socks omg cus i didnt bring any hahah! 

why the face cut off one!
like black eyeliner.


xmas tree :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!loveyou big time.

Did up amanda’s shoes today,studied abittttt of OB,had lunch,did up sis’s Ipoddy videos,left for J8 with shbubble tea at interchange,played with the SAM machine,bought some stamps for fun ahaha,bused to bishan,bought our FTT books & chilli padi & yami youghurt x2 & my gold casio watch!!!fatty got it for me.i think its for our advanced 17th month HAHAHA,cuz i bought him havainas!lol.but i likeeee my watch. thank you fatty!& im still broke you know! hope my parcel comes soon hahahahhhh,cant wait for xmas!we just set up our xmas tree when both of us got back from J8.its reallll prettyyyy & all the xmas decos are up.anyone wants to come over to see? glitterish and shinnnny and full of cute stocking is up too!wonder what my mum will put inside this year hahahah. we just dropped fatty off at the mrt. cousins are coming over in a sec[literally.cos they just walk across what!] cake tonight!

i have multi coloured jelly bangles that stink of rubber hahaha but i likeeee it still.

Kelvin324 Kelvin331
I GOT THIS!haha i tell you all where to buy,want?haha superrrr alot of designs!



Wah,stonned the day away & did a leeeeetle bitsy winsy bit of Accounting. so sad & demoralising man! cos the more i do the more i realise i cannot understand anywayyy i bought the fats xmas present today,it was a bomb im so sad cos i just depleted my account in a mere period of half an hour. i am depressed i tell you.but anywayyy ill just cross my fingers & hope he’ll like it hahaha,i keeeeep wanting to tell him what i got for him but mummy says i cannot tell Fatty came over at 3ish,we slacked in the room then went out with mummy & sis to Raffles City. sis went t buy daddy’s bday present then we had JCO donuts for snack & my mouth was like full of chocolate it was soooo unglam and ugly hahah then daddy came and he went to buy some birkenstock’s so biggy! Headed to Senki for dinner,omg nice!jap buffet like there are 119 items on the menu & you can just keep calling for more hahahah,so shiok,sashimi,oysters,chawanmushi,mushrooms,miso,noodles,garlic rice yada yadasent fatty home after that & we went to buy 30 cans of COKE HAHAHA,loveeeee coke like mad. studying at home tmr & putting up xmas tree & maybe J8 for Yami Yoghurt?


My favourites for life.
DSC02881 DSC02885 DSC02873 383A

❤ loveeee fatty.


By the end of poly ill have white hair school was not bad today but french test was )*@&%*% up.will be happy if i get a B,somehow. so so so pissed off cuzzzzzz i got the hard paper!boo.wish i had Bs’s one haha.aiyah.i always wished i had brains like those smart asses,always wondered how come i can mug yet my grades turn out to be suckier as compared to those who slack the whole semester what to dooooooooo i shall go dig a hole in the ground & bury myself there pissedddddd man rarrrrrrrrrr i cannot wait for my secret escape after year 3 with Sh to some other country my new motivation is rui en.i loveeeee her hahaha im still pissed off omg! AHHHHHHHH. gonna mug the whole of tmr dammit its just 15% y’knowwww!what the hell!

today’s lunch with W,J & B was fun!haha,we met a reallllly pretty dog outside ITAS area at the pet facility.see the pic!jean was patting it haha.


stupid school.3 hours of my time,wasted! had lunch with W&B.hahahahhh R was still sleeping when i called him lol.mushroom soup at mensa is niceeeee. mummy picked me & home sweeeeet so tired tmr at 9am,im gg by myself somemore.leave by 730 OMG!wake up by 645 or smthg.gahhh.& french test tmr,before that’s conveyancing.i hate conveyancing.

anyhowww,things arrived in the mail tdy!including the doraemon mouseit’s super duper cute i was just showing fatty via webcam haha i think he’s having orgasmic reactions already HAHAHA!this week im so niceeee he says i have to treat him to sushi buffet when i get back from Aussie haha,see if i have $ first!

nyehehehh i very hungry leh.i smell fried fish!IWANTTOEATNOW.


had lunch with HPYs opposite school today! Bak kut teh + Kway chap + Bubble teaso niceeeeeee.attended conveyancing lecture which wasnt much of a use,sat at biz park to chit chat with hpys,then off t accounting tutorial & Ob after that omg OB like shit only,so boring likeeee *(#%^(@^ & role play was so idiotic please. & shaf used gloria’s hand to touch my butt today HAHAHA mad cow disease.ive got things arriving in the mail tmr! Sh’s doraemon mouse hehehe & something else.nyehehehhh.

exams are in like..13 days haha seriously worrying.& im flying off on the day exams end.sooooo,ill miss you baby!haha,if you believe me CAN YOU PLEASE VISIT!


yay we’ve made it to 16th month!hahah,happy 16th fatty<3 wo ai ni long term
i had tuition or what shit only.haha,let’s hope it does some good then.headed t airport with mummy & sis t have lunch & pick daddy up from chinaaaaa,then had ice cream at macs & dropped daddy off at work & we headed t orchard.bought havainas for daddy & fatty.omg 65 bucks pleazzzze.good thing had the TP card can get 20% off hahahah,so in the end it was 52.60! giving daddy for xmas cuz he wanted it hahaha,settled the whole fam’s xmas presents already!yay.left with fatty’s & cliquezzzz & Hpys.still deciding what t get haha!prolly buy them stuff from auzzzzzie instead. bleh 3 days of school & french test on thurs -.- die die back t my bookzzz.

You’re my drugggg.