HAPPY 2009 everyone!

Ytd didnt have time to blog much & upload pics,we headed to the Zoo!haha,havent been there since..1990s or early 2000s haha,it was fun!sat the carousel & had nice lunch,what’s more fatty came with us saw many many cute animals,touched kangaroos,haha.went back by 3ish,fatty bathed at my place,lol first time eh!& we headed to church for watchnight service/RAYS countdown.so sad,not in WEB anymore lol. the Young adults were quite nice haha,basically they range from 18-25 yrs old.so yeah!dinner and games & prayer & worship.met new people,still like to keep the old haha!love the redeemed.New CG looks nice,hope its nice man,cross fingers reached home at 1230am or sth,onlined and fell asleep after that.super tired.waiting for fatty to come over and we’re gna walk down for lunch & study FTT at coffeebean or smthg

IMG_0224 IMG_0236 IMG_0294 IMG_0305

love joy peace.


God’s grace

God’s blessings in the yr 2008.He has been faithful though,has always been.

KHJY.been with baby for 17 months going 18 now.2nd New Year spent with him. To me i think that it’s His will,not ours.All we can do is pray for God’s will to be done,not our will.really Thank God for someone like K becauseeee,not everyone can be so patient,not everyone can give in to me that much & not everyone can love me that much too.❤ First and last,i hope haha.
Also thank God for the family he blessed me with,for mummy,daddy,hannah.Though i get pissed off once in a while with them,i’m still grateful for the awesome parents,the irritating sister, the jobs He gave my parents, the Schools he put hannah & I in. My parents are the best ones i could ever wish for,how many parents would drive all the way to pick their children up,place them first even before themselves,worry about them when they’re not at home.very blessed.
Not forgetting,darling clique,mel ang,mel png,clarissa,deb,belle,xinni,rachel.These girls i love best,together since secondary days.Though we’re in different schools[except for bffs lol],we still find time to contact each other for meetups & all.It’s hard to find friends like these nowadays,& i really thank God for each & everyone of them & hope that the whole clique will know Him soon to come.
The Redeemed. K,Gideon,peter,gabriel,sheryl,carolyn,zephy,joseph,nicole T & all the rest,thanks for being the most most most fun WG ever & for the 2 years we spent together.you guys are probably the funniest people ive ever met,thanks for all the fun we shared,the outing we had.God’s been good to us,right?putting all of us in new CGs,yet we can all move up as one.i cant wait to see what He has in Store for us this year!To those who are going into the Army,haha enjoy your hair while you still have it lol,tc in there & see you guys when you come out during wkends!more parties,more gatherings,more cell group time,we’ll see each other grow,yes?
Thankful for other people too,esp BFFLS Jeff&Keith&Cbel,Sylvia Gorgeoues,HPYs,classmates & more.<3

May the Lord Bless you this coming year,2009<3 In Him all things are possible.


Caught a movie today,Snogging.haha 3.5/5 popcorns!lame story line but awesome guy man super hot haha!played at the arcade today,spent $1 only hahaha,just for fun! got some lolipops & sweets,fav!had lunch with mummy & sis & fatty at wisma,yay mini wok haha i like!mummy got me bras-.- HAHAHA nvm,i also like hahahaha,PC PC PC for the win whoohooooo!oh yes fatty got me a top from cotton on!hahaha,texted mel ang abt the top cos i think she’ll like it picked daddy up from air port just now,we’re going to the zoo tmr with fatty!then countdown with webs/rays tmr night.frickking tiring or smthg lol.oh yes i had starbucks today with extra caramel & cream omg fats alert!

look how much cream/caramel hahahah faint.

IMG_0145 IMG_0149 IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0157 IMG_0163 IMG_0172 IMG_0174 IMG_0177 IMG_0178

❤ wna visit ah meng tmr 😀 😀

when i grow up i wanna be famous

home cooked garlic veggies/mushroom soup/fried chicken/rice/coke/peach tea= spent the day with fats.headed to michelle’s condo in the night for WG senior webs farewell thingy haha,met matt & a few others on the bus! haha caught up with the peeppzz,had games & dinner & damn funny activities. loved seeing all of them again! esp The Redeemed. bestest of the best,but so many are going army already & i still cannot believe that peter is a commando,srsly haha biggest joke leh please.laugh till can pee in my pants hahahaha.anw it was fun,homed with gab,sheryl & fatty.<3seeing them again on wed for countdown party!

Fatty’s doraemon collection. my mum just added the mouse pad to his collection haha!

from my mummy lol.
IMG_0123 IMG_0126
fatty,gideon[who’s missing S badly hahaha],Peter-“petrina” & gab!
what a weird picture haha!
IMG_0133 IMG_0134
IMG_0138 IMG_0135 IMG_0143


wanted to catch a movie today,ended up blogshopping from sh’s sis website haha moohaha love the skirt.movie tmr then!(:

hairrr haha

lunched with mummy & sis tdy aft church,watched ppl play at the arcade haha they’re so addicted man,play till $100 that kind hahah just to get sweets somemore!  homed with fatty,did up company law proj,just sent it to groupies!yay haha. watched teeeeveee,i cut sh’s hair for him!lol,i srsly cut ALOT hahaha he looks like he has bangs now hahahah!ultimate fun to cut,i cut my hair too lol just for kicks lah. tmr we’re gna catch a movieeeee yay maybe lunch at his house! clearing ‘leave’ on tues so skipping sch haha!no sch on mon,wed,thurs,so might as well skip tues anw.fri there’s conv presentation & comp meeting & ftt omg ): have to rush off at 1ish after the meeting. im packed this week.countdown @ church on the 31st! & maybeee attending senior webs party tmr night haha.

Sh’s damn black hair haha

DSC03507 DSC03508

❤ we bought spongebob & doraemon hp sockzzz and stickers hohoho.


A little boy was somewhat perplexed by all the exchanging of presents on a christmas morning, for he had been taught in Sunday school that it was the birthday of the Savior. Finally, after a long period of silence, he asked, “Mommy, when are we going to give Jesus His present? I thought it was His birthday!”
Strange, isint it, that most of us give gifts to everyone but the One whose birthday we celebrate. A good question we might ask ourselves is this: What am i going to give to the Lord Jesus this Christmas? If you have never trusted in Him as your Savior, the thing He desires most from you is a believing heart. Why not put your faith in Jesus’s sacrificial death on the cross so you can be saved from your sins? If by faith you already know Christ as your Savior, then the most wonderful thing you can do this Christmas is to present to God the one gift He most desires to receive from you-your body. Our bodies are to be used for God’s purposes. Because we have accepted the gift of salvation from Him, it’s only reasonable that we should present ourselves to the Father. When we give ourselves, we give the one Christmas present that truly fits the occasion!

“Give your all to Christ, He have His all for you”♥

adapted from Our Daily Bread, 25th dec 08

we kiss we make out,

met fatty today and we headed to town for pasta mania haha!fav apple crumble pie didnt taste that nice today. bought him a long sleeve shirt from robinsons,then he got me a dress ahhah & i got some other thing for myself.bused to cityhall,bubble tea[!!!] ps: in aussie i saw one shop that sells btea at $4.50 HAHA joke. watched ppl play arcade,oh yes we had yami yoghurt too heheheh bused back.did up some company research,super duper hard i can faint & die.dinner at cousins house,skipped church coz daddy is overseas & i dont want mummy to drive there just to pick me.anw im still gg to church tmr so no diff la right!haha just that i miss the funny peoplessss company on saturdays! nvm,seeing them on the 31st!

overload of pics from my cam,just found out how to transfer to com tdy.noob,i know ):

IMG_0004 IMG_0008 IMG_0011 IMG_0013


 IMG_0023 IMG_0036 IMG_0042 IMG_0044
yesterday’s Thai Buffet ❤
darlings darlings!clique
IMG_0056 IMG_0057

duper fat now shit i saw a book that said if you wanna diet you must like leave food on the plate after each meal haha that’s so insane i shall not diet i shall just eat and be happy mooohahah.happy 18th S,iloveyou!(: