i loved today:) thank you<3

my blog’s gna be private from now on:) sooo,haha all of you who can read it,haha it means youre totally trustworthy:)

ahh love(:


ohmyfreak )*#&)*&#)*^&

ahhh freak,totally gone,totally gone,they saw,they saw,they saw.

today sucked today sucked today sucked.because they saw they saw they saw.

but still,shopping was the love(: ❤

but now everyone knows,everyone knows, everyone knows.

shit shit shit gone gone gone.

ahh lets escape,to somewhere only we know.


we’ll hop onto that taxi,and never ever turn back.cos its us against the world<3 and im still not going to lose to them.never ever.

im not gonna be bothered,im not gonna be bothered,im not gonna be bothered.




i call it love.

went for cds test in the morning!ahh socio can kiss my ass goodbye.i hpoe i didnt screw up tooo badly HAHA.met all 3 bffs in the morning! went to chinatown with the family after my test..from like 10am till 3pm la heh.walked all over cheeeenatown,had lunch at yumchathe chicken feet damn nice please.bought tonnes of stuff from chinatown,ranging from like PJs to tissue box covers to cushion covers to slippers to clothes to many other things!ate the tea egg & coconut & muacheeee & ting ting tang fun or what? LOL.headed to town with mummy & sister while daddy went to a friend’s house! shopped with them for a while,then left to _____<3♥ walked around,bought some stuff,then we went back to find mummy at paragon.went to far east to wait for daddy who finally appeared at like 650pm.had a splitting headache,got home,ate panadol,dinner,then went to do things for (: … ahh freak haha i havent done micro yet omg.tomorrow!im sucha good procrastinater

church tomorrow!<333

i call it,you call it, we call it love<3

school love(:

school was nice today.♥ got back tort papers which made me feel like puking haha but ah wells.shall be thankful haha..tort project was alryt.first time my group had lunch during our project.we normally skip lunchheh so today was awesomicccc.lcom tutorial was like rubbish haha.ended up getting whacked by Ryan’s very big paper aeroplane,playing hand games with him,eating BeeSiang’s very-nice sweets,laughing at WenKai trying to cut BS’s hair.haha.after class,we 4 ran down from the 5th floor to the 2nd floor,then walked damn fast outta school LOL.R&Wwent with me to Century Square cos i wanted to buy ******* for ,heh played around in kiddy palace,walked around looking for R’s watch.they trained with me from tampines to douby(: (: (: went to bishan to meet mummy for some shopping dinnered with mummy & daddy at sakae.ahh so happy<3 mission accomplished for today,finally got what i wanted to get,studied socio when i got home just now.shall revise again sometime later.suddenly feel damn motivated.haha kickassss.

the super big paper aeroplane!




still fighting haha.


we’re so cool the ice cubes get jealous HAHAHA.


my poweranger friends


chinatowning with the fam tmr after my socio test!<3

ilovelisteningtochristiansongs,hahaithinkitmakesmefeelsupermotivated.<333ahhh(: (: (:

your grace has found me just as i am;empty handed but alive in your hands<3♥