dear all

OMGNICKEL is moving to cos they think the name is cooler. so catch us there okay!(: much love!


sentosa baby!

Today rocked haha burning in the sun!we caught 4 fishes & used them as baits to lure other fishes into our container haha so funnnnnyyyy.showered and had late lunch at close 3pm.starving lor haha fats got my daddy a FCUK shirt & i got his daddy a ZARA shirt for his bday.we’re so nice lol. & really broke now $400-500 on gifts alone is crazy.reallllyyyy.i hope i save more $ during internship next week!hehehe grocery shopping w my famfam!dinner at sakae was nice!wanted to try contacts but they no time to teach me so im gg back next week or smthg!
air force one show is on teevee now!v nice to watch!im wearing fatty’s shirt to nice smell hahaha driving tmr plussss meet sis to get birkenstocks for mummy’s bday plus hopefully visit sylvia at frolick after 6pm!& then dinner w the cousins.whooooo.i have blue coloured corn chips leh organic know! never tried before but i shall try some NOWWWWW since my sis bought them :O sleepover w mummy tonight hehe.

This was today!!!


Today was awsm! met up with yq & vanny at cine hehe we had pasta mania for lunch & dessert at heeren! damn shiokkk eat till can burst haha.we caught ILOVEYOU BETH COOPERquite funny lol!we walked to heeren to look at stuff,then to ION for snack omg the milk bread that yq intro-ed really v nice haha! so addictive i feel like eating! & the pork belly thingy wah shiok! had so much fun with them today hehehe vanny & yq ily!

met family at raffles city for dinner at some jap place that looked like marche.not v nice leh haha.mummy bought daddy a braun buffel leather wallet for their 23rd anniversary this sunday! mummy got 2 gucci-s for her anni hehe they have been tgt for like..what 30 over years just that the other years werent official HAHAHA.anw my parents let fatty choose his bday present & he chose braun buffel as wellHAHA so funny.he so paiseh lol.anw my left eye is like swollen for no bloooody reason so angry i wanted to try contacts tmr & i was just telling vanny & yq about it omg haha so pisssedddddd
sentosa tmr hah im so tired everyday running around sg tsk.


check out our matching mr bean teeshirts i got for us from thailand! eh only $4 each okay!HAHA went to NP to wait for fats.buses came damn fast today i reached in an hour lol used internet in the library while waiting!had subway for like the millionth time in my life haha every week eat like 3 times or smthg! met mummy & her friend for a while then left for fats house.hehe his mummy was at funny we created facebook for her & she made me upload her younger days pic & put her status as single, about me as i am young & hot omg hahahahso funny! we went swimming.water not bad not v cold or hot.shiok my back has turned red hehehe.swam a few laps & started fooling around lol after 1 half hour we went up and showered tgt haha with our clothes on omg haha damn joke pls.anyhow spray water & use lotsa soap haha.cooked noodles for snack walked to BPP to print new pics & bused to mummy’s office!homed thereafter. oh fatty gave me a red ferrari bagpack! he has the black hehe his daddy gave it la lol yay! its the background of the pic above hehe can you see it!

so eggcited for tmr meeting yq & vanny & fats is coming haha we’re gonna watch iloveyou beth cooper!whohoooooo. cant wait cant wait! luv the girlies.hope serene can join us!

i saw the pics N’s dad uploaded.heartbreak all over again please. everytime i see her fb ill feel damn sad then ill tell yq & vanny haha im not sadistic to keep seeing but i think i still cannot believe what happened 2 weeks ago.nvm im sure heaven’s lovely Neveryone misses you!

shall catch idol on channel 5 now!i keep screwing up my freshly painted nails urgh.feel like removing the polish all over again haha.

botanic baby!

Our hangout today was at botanic. we had a picnic & i baked brownies which burnt in the oven cos it said 45 sec i put 45 min best anw our picnic was good & fun! too bad it rained haha we had to go indoors soooo off to PS & orchard! fatty got me cotton on shorts damn cheap from $20 to $5 hehe bought daddy smthg too.went to scout around for fatty’s bday present part 2. he chose zara jeans!haha i am brokeee like anything lol.went to mummy’s office to wait for her after that & we went to pick daddy & homedddd.

today is nicole lim’s 2nd week death anniversary ): i saw the pictures her dad upload on facebook so heartbreaking!!! all the funeral pictures & stuff. super super sad. im starting to feel it all over again,the day we went & stuff. hows heaven babe?

tmr im gg swimming at fattys house after his internship briefing. love holidays wish sip didnt start so early!