i miss you. and i love your small boy picture hahaha.


day 3 at tekong. it’s 12midnight in auckland! im waiting for the clock to strike 130am, because that’s when fatty will call me! so far his army training has been fine i guess! aha no complaints so should be good! i think im becoming damn patient haha. i wait for his nightly 5-10 min calls from 130-145am, and i receive smses from him at 9-930am everyday. so that’s about the only communication window time haha. oh welllz better than nothing! fattyyy hurry book out on 12 aug okay!


went to the beach today.lovely weather. i should be doing my econs essay right now but im just too lazy to start. rarrrr okay maybe i shall study econs instead of doing the essay. gooodabyez i miss the girls so much!





dont know why i cant rotate pictures. annoying ttm! fatty went to tekong already im freaking sad! like from seeing each other everyday in sg till i moved to nz..& from talkg every min to..what, 15 min phone calls A DAY? fcking sad or what! & i heard from national holiday omygoodness.fatttttyyyy! i hope you’re doing okay one good thing is that bs’s bf same company as fatty! so maybe they’ll be good friends just like us hehe. normally same company ppl v close close one! so i guess i should be thankful since i was praying that fatty will meet good ppl. haha. oh wellllz so im alone now sian ttm. waiting for phonecalls haha. i live by less-than-15-minute phone calls now. okay maybe i should study. oh ya i had $6 btea w vera today.taste worse than koi yet it’s more ex.ironiccc helloooo someone should tell nz btea vendors that they should be charging $2! not $6! haha ahhh fatty i miss you.



my fatty become botak boy already! haha still very cute to me! haha. tmr fatty & chipbelle’s boyf enlisting! 1 hour difference only haha. Dear God i pray for protection for them and good friends who wont make use of them + backstab them and that they will eat & drink enough & have enough rest in camp + that trainings will be easy + they will get free time to call us (hahahahaha) + extra time to bathe and that you will keep them from harm and that they will book out soon! in Jesus name AMENNNN

same shirts!

Screen shot 2010-07-26 at 9.30.15 PM

haha we have the same shirts. actually im wearing fatty’s pri school nike tee HAHA same colour as his topman shirt! yay i love my fatso. too bad army is stealing him away in 3 fcking days.



thankq fats for the 3rd year present hehe


HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY VANNY! sorry i couldnt be at the surprise ytd! would have loved to be there to surprise you hehe hope you had an enjoyable day today! ill be seeing you in 17-19 weeks! iloveyou bellywelly muchoz! more than MR… HAHAHAHAHA.

went to elim christian centre for service today! alot like CEFC. big dynamic church w loud music & they gave us each a crunchie bar omg so cute! HAHA like newcomers get this huge chocolate and anyone celebrating any occasion gets it too! like birthday, newborn baby, anniversary, new job, new car etc. as long as you are celebrating, they give you a crunchie! HAHA nice church think i wont mind going back again! went for lunch w daddy’s friend and to his house thereafter he made teh si for us!omg first teh since we arrived. i was so happy lol. evening went to massey uni for our welcome party thing by daddy’s department HAHA omg damn funny la all the kiwi kids so cute. they were playg musical chairs!lol anw skypeing w fatty now whooo the bombz pls! urgh school again tmr. i have no motivation to do my homework HAHA.


missyou. photo sotsot one aha




Photo on 2010-06-13 at 16.02 #3






happy 3rd year anniversary fatty i can remember our first date in 2007 hehehe. eventhough it’s only been 3 years it already feels like i’ve spent my entire life with you. we’ve done almost everything tgt! getting our license, going on holidays, shopping, eating, movies, getting our diplomas, applying for uni iloveyou very much & eventhough im in NZ now & you’re enlisting next week, i’m very sure that God will see us through the 22months till you come over. lookg forward to more anniversaries with you hehehe.


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3 weeks down! 19 more to go. school still sucks haha im just trying to keep up & like do up my tutorials-.- tutorials are optional but i think ill go for some hahaha. anw we got our new house already but cannot move in yet cos they are still doing the completion or whatever shitz. i cannot wait to move! i hate this apartment.roarrrr.

missssss my friendzzz & of cos, fatty! stupid smelly face HAHA. hurry come find me i miss you very very very (very is an understatement) much.