Final destination sucked. didnt think it was worth the $ looking at gory scenes with rubbish story lines lol. will never watch it again! waste moneyyyy hahaha we had lunch @ ION.waste money ramen shop.one bowl of ramen $14 HAHAHA.not even nice!!! just all noodles pleaze.yuck.anw went to get mummy’s goldheart present from yours truly lol.$ byebye!hope she likes it though her bday is like next wed on the day i start internship ahh wtfffff. so sian! anw fat ball of lard bought his mother a coach wristlet for her bday.we’re buying advanced gifts cos no time during SIP to go shopping![we think only la] & i want the coach also!!!haha.& we went to zara & he wanted this shirt so i got it as part of his bday present. im damn broke today alone close $300 spent by 2 of us.wtf seriously damn broke damn broke!!!!! shall go on some hunger strike & stop wasting money on food lol.

stupid fats keep napping damn irritating la ytd nap for 5 hours tdy nap another 1-2 hours walao im not talking to him forever lor irritating! choose sleep over talking to me wtf ha better buy me my coach to make up for your 10357015701 hours of napping & leaving me alone.IDIOT :<



i just had the stupidest convo with fatty.

ME: hi fatz wake up you napped for 4-5 hours since we got home in the afternoon!
FATS:hiii now monday or tuesday?[omg wth hahaa]
ME:err now still sunday..9pm+
FATS:huh you told me i sleep whole day never eat so now mon/tues?[wtf seriously hahaha]
ME:its still sunday!!! you slept for 4-5 hours now its at night,not morning![turns and tells mummy hes so funny]
FATS:ohhh okay i go bathe & talk to you

okay that’s it.damn funny to me hahah

church anni!

CEFC turns 31! service was at suntec today.breakfast at macs before service haha the macs milo damn gross or smthg, i think they put too lil ice haha!service was not bad i liked benny’s testimony most. you should have seen his passport la it was like 20 normal ones joined tgt cos he visited 218 countries alr! hes from india and he built a guitar w drums on it.cool or what! Lina Ng & Clement Chow were the hosts & Hagen Tan performed haha they were all really nice. Porridge buffet for lunch,first time trying quite okay la i liked the veg hehe we went walkingggg haha mummy secretly bought fatty this doraemon soft toy keychain & gave it to him just now.awww so cute.met fatty’s parents just now & my mummy talked to them lol so funny.they are going for high tea tgt sometime-.- lol anw im dead tired everyday waking up at 7 to go out haha.shittt.gonna catch final destination with my one & only fat ball of lard whom i love very much.hahaha[; & we’re gg shopping tmr for his bday present[i let him choose!] & mummy’s goldheart necklace chain which i need to get cos i only got the pendant the other time! tmr i foresee $250+ flying away.criessss.i miss daddy! he is cmg back tues!hehe happyhappy!


super sian to blog haha we went grocery shopping & wewoo shopping today.
bought 3 items my sister bought like 8 or more hahah okay house bunny on dvd now!

btw i luv this watch in pink omg my sis wants the red i shall get it for her birthdayz heheheeee anyone wants can tompang with me since im alr ordering. only $48 online as compared to rtp of $68!wheeee.so satisfied me is gonna get!fatty is swimming now.waiting for him to call meeee. tmr is our church anni! service at suntec hehe.


Made my way to NP today afternoon.wahhh i hate taking trains lor.haha so annoying took 1 half hours to reach la haha urgh.met fatty after his paper,each a cup at NP library!hehe read mags,took pics while waiting for mummy to bring us out for dinner at old town cafe we had prawn noodles & eggs & lime juice & some rice thingy that fats ate.forgot what haha bought 5 cheesecakes for his family & i got one oreo cheesecake hehehe gonna eat it later when my sis comes back! so hungry cos i hate 1/4 noodles and gave fatty the rest.was v full just now but now im hungaleeee!

tmr morning grocery shopping ahaha then vivo w mummy & sis & fatty whoohooo shopping! next week thurs gonna watch orphan w vanny/yq/serene[if shes free!]/fatty haha so eggcited hohoho & go escape if possible & sentosa hehe omggg! YAY.

VANNY & YQ i luvvv.

My day was aweeesome how about yours! After driving[i was late hahah] met up with vanny & yq at weewoo see tee and we had subway for lunch & talked talked talked & awfully choc for dessert omg one helluva biggg tub la HAHA. we went shopping after that at FOREVER 21 HAHA we all bought similar tops!!! i love ittttt hehe then we went to the sky park to take pics wahaha what preying mantis eh haha.damn funny laughed till dunno who pee-ed in their pants HAHAHA sooo funny!we went to see dogs cats hamsters at pet safari.aww the toy poodle is so cutey! vanny & i both want him!HAHA he costs $2000 btw.tsk expensive little poodle.

anw we had a fun day tgt & i love them very much heheheh orphan next week?LOL.much loveee babies!

get to see my fatty boy tmr.eggcited to the max its been 4-5 days since i last saw him awww.


Okay so i messed CPA up shittt so demoralising i swear.paniccccc to the max only. met erika at far east for subway! AGAIN EH PLS.subway forever lol.finally met her to shop after 2 years tsk.i didnt buy anything so sad right!saw this pumps verrrry nice but i cannot buy cos mummy will nag haha so many shoes from thailand-.- shall save $ hahaha. we walked for v v v long my legs are numb now LOL!tmr driving then meet yq & vanny hehehe so eggcited once again!

I MISS MY FATTY BALLZ. he got a good company for internship!awww<3 so happppppy hehe ily!