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Caught Bedtime stories today.pretty good show!vivo-ed with mummy,hannah & fatty.fish soup for lunch!now recession ah,cannot eat ex HAHAHA.mummy got me a yellow top HAHA,i loveeeeee it.it has fluttery sleeves heh.the movie was super impromptu,sis said she wants to watch,so we ended up watching!& we brought SUSHI in HAHA,thanks to clique who showed me where to get sushi!lol homed after that,slept in the car haha,super tired!came home & took pics of new dresses for new blogshop. http://lolipopdolls.livejournal.com  cousins came over for dinner. one cousin’s going NS this thurs hahahaha. bought him a keychain for locker keys LOL. ooogay church tmr! want to wear the new dress from fatty hehehh.

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i forgot to blog ytd omg how stupid.ytd daddy flew off to USA,again ): sh came over and we had lunch nearby.studied driving at coffeebean.came home to build our car stuff haha see the pics!

TODAY.I FAILED FTT BUT FATTY PASSED HAHAHA!i am car stupid.school was okay.cabbed down with wenkai cos he was late.thanks for the ride!HAHA after school met fatty,had lunch & rushed home to shower cos we got caught in the rain,then had some coke & pears and cabbed to BBDC.yeayea i failed haha big dealllll HAHAHA,expected right tsktsk,retaking again in feb.dinnered at BPP!pig organ soup hahaaaa bused to orchard,settled the stuff at APPLE.made a police report hahahaha,tmr going down to mail out items & visit the police station.prolly vivo-ing with mummy & sis & fatty tmr.its the weekends again!loveeee weekends.

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This is how i drive HAHAHA



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