Mothers’ day dinner :D

Nice day today although i had to wake up early at 715am & rush to school cos my home printer ran out of ink,so i had to print notes in sch before lecture zzz met B at engine sch entrance & we went to get sweets to stuff ourselves with.lecture was hilarious.i kinda like ms yu hahaha!although ppl say shes blablabla,i think she’s quite funny & direct haha i luv direct ppl.anwww lunched with Ryan & Beesiang @ biz park.the food there sucks except for western! went for Apel zzz another retarded class.if you were wondering,APEL means applied principles of effective living. today mr M taught us about ‘ What behaviours affect the class’ like if you eat,WHY do ppl do tt? stupid right,we eat cos hungry la!haha srsly gone case man this module.1 credit unit only! left sch with ryan after he met his darling gf simin haha! i like to ask him when he’s gonna marry her LOL.bused & trained to town tgt & he left while i met my fav fav fav fatty forever hoho.big jumbo cup of yami yoghurt they have a new flavour!grape! & strawberry! vvvvv nice!& we had gloria jeans mango chiller too.shiok.laughed till i almost died on the floor.stupid fatz face is damn funny sometimes!tsk.went to SMU t find daddy.mothers day dinner today @ Senki.shiok to the max pls the sashimiiiii & garlic rice omg tmr gonna stay home/frolick in the afternoon then ah ma’s bday celebration at night @ jumbo.sat gg manicure w sis & mummy!

ok bye watch 9pm show & american idol later! i cant wait for my biker jacket to arrive. & deb’s too!




Random shots w my phone yes i know i look v v v ugly thanks to ryan who took the picture hahahaha.anw sch was super dragggggy 11-6pm!cries break was fun though.esp w R B W christine brenda haha hilarious arm & fingers are full of glitter-.- lol played around w those shiny pens & my notes have many many scribblinxxx by ryan mok ming fei!Civil pro tutorial was zzz walked out halfway cos v v v sleepy alr pls.tsk.tmr gg out for mothers’ day dinner,before tt meeting mahhh fattyyyzz!

lovely day today i am v tired once again!


Uncomfortable sleep last night zzz stupid lizard gave me nightmares plus chased me out of my room woke up v v v early[again!],met my fatty boy in the bus @ my house area & we headed to tampines!He brought me curry puffs & i brought him vitagen haha!reached super early so we went to have brunch @ subway!luv the roasted chicken omg!wanted frolick but was v v v full so went to see UNIQLO haha same stuff as in japan,think the pricing is quite reasonable but leaning to the expensive side & it’s not superrrr nice or anything.super casual wear lol.shall go there another time.rushed to school cos we were shopping around till pretty close to my class timing!fatz followed me!then he went to sch haha tutorialz sucked but i luv crim pro the tcher is cool.& it rained today hahaha ok dinner time byeeebyeeee!

Sweet poem.

I got up early one morning
and rushed right into
the day; I had so much
to accomplish, that I
didn’t have time to pray.

Problems just tumbled
about me; and heavier
came each task.
“Why doesn’t God help me?”
I wondered. He answered,
“You didn’t ask.”

I wanted to see joy and beauty,
but the day toiled on,
gray and bleak; I wondered
why God didn’t show me.
He said, “But you didn’t seek.”

I tried to come into God’s presence,
I used all my keys at the lock.
God gently and lovingly chided,
“My child, you didn’t knock.”

I woke up early this morning,
and paused before entering
the day; I had so much to
accomplish that I had to
take time to pray.♥



  New Image

what a dilemma!haha luv both colours!ppl who want,email

school was effed up.boring like hell plus the 1st lesson was like i was falling asleep.eating chocolates to stay awake pls,in btw whining to people about how lame the subject was & how hungry i was.hah finally had lunch @ 1130!with Wenkai[my 3 yr friend alr lo hahaha],shijie,yuqing,vanessa,sham,zhaoling!library to slack aft tt got home around 540 or smthg,ate my mangoes!my room has an effing lizard.i have officially shifted over to the guest room next door.brought over my clothes for tmr,pillows,dolls,bag,perfume,make up.hahaha i effing hate lizards they freak me out more than ghosts. yes sry for being vulgar but i really dont care cos im reallllly annoyed tt a lizard has forced me to move out of my beloved room & im really tired & i really hate studying @ this moment.  nvm,shall get my biker jac as motivation!BROWN/BLACK?:)

tmr morning breakfast w fattysourheart hahaha

my sunday.

churched tdy,almost died cos slept so late ytd & woke up so early. v v v draining pls!lunched w fatz & mummy & daddy @ thai express. omg i luv the tomyam crayfish!super many chilli padi-s please.burn burn burn!hoho.bought mangoes,went home,watched paris hilton my new bff[again!] felt happy,ate mangoes,walked out w fatz he bought me 2 cups of big frolick ice creammm!haha super yummy! oh & he got me this doraemon shirt super cute la ty<3 like acid washed with colourful doraemon print in the front lol. i feel hungry almost every hour feel like eating chicken wings now!& some durians maybe.hahaha.aiyah shit school tmr new hp is nice!HAHA.