just know that i believe;

school was so freaking sian omg!haha,went t class for 1 hr 20 mins & tada!end of schoolwaste life lor.Sh came to meet me in school,we had lunch with W at design canteen yay western food so yummy! we trained to Cathay t catch HSM3,the first show was better,hsm3 was uhhhh,haha singing was very random man!quite crowded too lol.mailed out all my stocks today,cleared them all yay!now awaiting the anna sui hoodies lol,rar.ohoh,i met Mel.A bff today in school!(: (: (: happy ah happy ah! tmr’s gonna be fun muahahah,church at night!

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each heart;

today was fun in schoooool!conveyancing lab got changed to tutorial,so yes,3 hours became 2 hours!stupid W ponned class,i kick your ass la hpy!everyday ponhad lunch with wardah,gabriel & vanessa at ITAS.seafood fried rice is damn niceeee! sat there to bitch for 2 hours,then debbooo bff came to find me yay! had lunch with her,caught up,and took pics lol!went t meet B after that for french.french tutorials are super interesting and nice lolmummy picked me & homeee sweet homeee to my stuff that arrived in the mail!gonna pass V her kimono tmrit arrived today lol!


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what’s with the woman behind-.-
 HSM3 tmr!

Gotta blast!

 had to get my lazy ass outta bed at 730am today omg!earliest since forever.called Sh to wake up too,showered,used com,off to school by 830,reached early at 940,waited for B,headed for French lecture! it was pretty cool. OB was booooreeeeeeng.lunched with HPYs but didnt eat,cos mummy was pickin me up for lunch tgt kwayyy chap for lunchhhy!super nice.bought soya bean btea for myself,sis,maid,then headed home!did up some work,hence the rotting online now.baby sent me a top in the mail today!omg so sweeeeet he bought it for me online and it arrived at my doorstep about an hour ago,lol.thanks darling!iloveiti bit my tongue by accident last night,now there’s a big slit on it,shit!& it was bleeeedinggg eeeek.i just cut my own Fringe/hair cos it was poking my eyes,so annoying!snip snip snip lol,hope i dont look like a moron now.i cant wait fr tmr t be over!FFRIDAYYYY soon!HSM3 maybe!

found this cute pic in my sis’s com haha!
D heart 6


Just as you are

boooyah buggerzzz my lappy got sent for repairso im using my sis’s one nowwww hehh.sucks,hope i get it back tmr,i miss it!lol,school was alryt today.long day,1-6 was hell.-.- lunched with R&B,it was fun heh.got lost in school tdy cus i couldnt find the ‘container’ class room.stupid shit.bleh bugger bugger school sucks cos its so early tmr&thurs omg i better get goinggg 😀 byeeee


Woke up at 930 muahaha,had my breakfast & came online while waiting for Sh to come overstarted cooking before he arrived,in case it was too late lol.cooked oyster sauce veg with garlic,fried eggs[yuck,disaster pls haha],beef with chinese mushrooms,onions,garlic,chicken stock beef turned out fab.forgot to take pics lol but no one got a stomache after eating,so yay!bought 3 pairs of havainas slippers online,one for me,one for sh,one for daddy! i give him for xmas present LOL.daddy’s first pair of havainas,he was busy choosing his slipper colour lolll. went out around 4ish,transfered the $ for slippers,had snack at Mr Bean,went t shop around at Cold Storage,bused back tgt,then he went homeoh,did i mention i put make up on his face?hahaha,eyeliner,eyelights,mascara omg hahahahhhhh gay boy.

see my gay boy!
cock eyes hah

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im craving sushi/sashimi.shit,sh this weekend? sushi!(:


normal Sunday!breakfast-church-lunch at causeway point-pasar malam-eat,eat,eat-train to orchard-walk around-bought my bag from Clubmarc-cuz it was on sale $129.90-it became $29.90-&ilove it-bused to serangoon-trained to hougang cos we couldnt find a bus to hougang hah-collected my 4 eyeshimmers-trained back-daddy picked me

tomorrow we’re gonna cook lunch at my house!i thinkoh & its deeepavali!supposed t go t Para’s house with the last year class mates,but im not too sure who’s going at the moment! so shall seeeee hehe!
i have no pics today



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all our pics turn out stupid cuz my hand is always shaking & i cant take non-shaky pics hahwoke up at almost 10 today,Sh came over for lunch & to watch our 9pm show which we missed last night & i recorded went to Orchard,then to Suntec for YAMI YOGHURT,then to Marina,then to Bugis.got my shorts yay! & we had laksa & btea for dinner whoooo,went to buy some real pretty things at Bugis area,trained t church,caught up with Joseph & Gid & Carolyn[hope you like the present lol!] outside the sanctuary,sat with Zephy,Peter,NicholasPeter’s damn gay,swear lol,kept wanting to borrow my headband to wear omg omg omg!hahahahahhhhh k la,love the churchies,as cute as ever hahahah<3

gonna meet customer tmr hmm hmmmm!got to update Sh’s blog for him now hahaha,visit www.daintyshoes.blogspot.com if you love me! hehehehhhh.bye(: