i will count my blessings.

God knew the desires of our hearts because He answered our prayers. Thank You to all who prayed for my mummy


YAY thanks to fatty we had a great day at USS! hehe my first time there & it was awesome! we tried ALL the rides except Jurassic Park cos it was closed due t technical problems First we tried the Enchanted Airways at the SHREK area lol. It was supposedly a ‘baby’ roller coaster but they cheated my feelings man!It was superrrr fast & spinny HAHA whoosh whoosh made me get headache please. Thrilling but maybe 50% scary? hahaha.Next we tried the childrens’ dino flying ride,not fun haha.Canopy ride was next, THIS WAS THE BEST! we sat it thrice, it’s like the luge at sentosa, just that it’s a roller coaster w your legs and feet dangling HAHA.DAMN FUN! my favourite of all please.fatty so cheeken lol. we went to watch monster rock, steven spielberg film making, waterworks & donkey live shows! & we had lunch at the eatery MELS or smthg?lol we had $20 meal voucher rebate from purchasing entry tickets.fatty wanted this dinosaur bottle which cost $13.90 so we used one voucher for that HAHA.so childish leh fatty!how old already still want to drink from a dinosaur BOTTLE? After lunch we went to sit REVENGE OF THE MUMMY! haha zomg fatty scared like siao damn funny!fear factor 90% i think. it was realllly kind of scary with all the mummies jumping out in the dark, fogging, fast acceleration to the peak and backwards drops and 3 major plunging drops HAHA. killer ride of the day LOL.totally enjoyed myself w fatty today & we had dinner at vivo after that! would loveee to go back there again one day & sit the JP ride hahaha.

i can still feel the roller coaster feeling haha sure cannot sleep tonight.siannnn.hi fats thanks for tdy muahah love you la!


Going w fatty tmr! HAHA AM EXCITED TTM. i haven’t been there yet LOL. cannot wait to sit the roller coasters! but not the mummy ride ahahaha.hope it doesnt rain!!!

lunched w daddy sis & fatty tdy at TCC.pics in cam but my cam is charging!hahaha seafood aglio oliooooo so nice! went to find mummy tdy but macbk pro oos-.- the stupid guy in front of us bought it! urgh hahaha must wait till next week.

Thank You for praying for my mummy, Vanny & Beegirl! hehe so sweet of you both

Please don’t let it rain tmr!!!!!


We had JPOT steamboat ytd!! damn nice to eat hahaha & they had 25% off for some random reason & we only found out after we went in!haha ate till superrrr full then we went to walk walk but nothing nice to buy except the macbook pink silicon keypad protector! oh yes V & I ordered MJ bags!YAY so happy heeheee & im gonna order BB 9700 pink housing omgggggolizee.but idk how to assemble it haha.just buy first! gg to ah ma’s bday dinner ltr at yumcha. OH YESSS i drove home from suntec!Hiakhiakhiak no one died,thankfully. first time at 80km/hr so noob HAHA k bye!


My week has been horrible! mummy’s quite sick cos of the 1st surgery..surgery again next fri, please pray for her thank you! All your prayers will be really appreciated our NZ PR thingy hasnt arrived, so i guess we’d either leave by end june if the PR comes, else we’d wait till next yr feb.haha i’m not in a rush to study anw, plus idw my parents to pay international fees for my sis & i cos it’s a whopping sum manzzz $50 k per yr is crazy! anw just want mummy to get well soon & i’ll be very happy.

tmr is our 33rd month.fatty is the best<3 ❤ ❤ meeting me whenever i’m free/not spending time w mummy,must eat more okay! where got ppl like you one pls fats. i not out w you means you cannot eat lunch meh haha what rubbish! next wk universal studios ok?

press the calculator on your shirt hahaha.

Psalm 107:19-20
Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, And He saved them out of their distresses. He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.