hookay pics are up 🙂 tdy was spent with mummy & sis in the day..watched enchanted yay damn nice okay haha 🙂 mmhm mhmm night was good good ❤ haha pics shall do the talking,im chionging LSM project now.

my coins can stand leh,haha pro right.


stupid sister haha

DSC00669 DSC00668

mummy’s spastic face really damn spastic.


mummy & daddddy (: ❤


east coast park:)

DSC00684 DSC00687

ecp at night:)

DSC00696 DSC00698 DSC00699 DSC00702

cycling tmr!hoho nights.<3




omg one of the happiest day’s ever haha finally one burden’s gone(: so happy,so happy haha 🙂 im so happy haha.

dinnered at ECP jumbo with fam!

z120413992 z120414011

so happy omg haha finally finally finally:) ❤

more pics tmr!


& when youre standing at the crossroads;

cos even if youre wrong,ill stand by you.

ponning class today!i have mel ang’s micro notes anyway,so no point there’s no crim law lecture so like whatever man,not gonna go to sch for 1 hr plus only..gonna study at home later.HOPEFULLY..hmm gg out for lunch w mummy & sister..mmhmm.dinner tonight at east coast with the fam!its daddy’s birthday:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!thanks for always providing for us,for buying so many things for us although sometimes we might seem damn spoilt.thanks for keeping this family tgt since forever,for never ever fighting w mummy,for never threatening us,for being so good to us!YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR PRESENTS daddy I LOVE YOU<3

once upon a time super long ago(:


once upon a time 7 mths ago(:


❤ good bye my nose is still blocked since days ago eeee.bye lovelies.

when you have to look away,when you dont have much to say,thats when i love you,i love you,just that way<3


i shall summarise what i did today.damn lazy to type out everything.

1.woke up freaking early to put on formal wear PLUS make up[bloody hell].
2.rushed to sch to meet grp mates,rehearsed one last time,almost strangled outselves cos one grp member was in another tutorial class-we thought she forgot to come!
3.waited for our ‘client’ aka mr J to come knockin on the door-he was 45 mins late.
4.20 nerve wrecking mins later,our client talk was over n it went pretty well(:
5.celebrated with the group,had lunch,went ‘shopping’-bought earrings
6.met debbooooo!socio tutorial.damn damn damn boring.
8.good & bad part of the day.
9.i swear i almost died….cos of something.
10.i still think im gonna die.

on a lighter note,daddy’s bday is tmr!so we’re gg out to eat again!daddy is feeding me roasted almonds now haha omg damn nice,u all want to eat?hahaha.

mid sem test schedule is out already.sian.10,11,14 dec.micro,tort,lcom.basket.socio test is next week.dead meat la.what the i love vitasoy.okay shit and my brain’s allll haywire now.goodbye i wanna sleep.

for these words i say are true:)

LSM,lunch at jupiter cafe,library to sleep,Tort law.client talk rehearsal.daddy came to pick me,went to IMM with fam.dinner.bought stuff,bought sofa,ate ice cream,bought more stuff,drank soya bean,homed,tried the make up for tmr,bathed,online:) sums up my day so far.haha.tmr’s the interview aka client talk with mr J,im super scared.formal wear plus make up  eee hope i dont get eye infection or pimples man.







my group’s work:)


see the big big markers omg.




B,C,N ❤

DSC00646 DSC00649 DSC00650

i swearrr this is the most unglam pic ive ever taken.thanks ah C!:) lol



we bought tt sofa LOL.


sissssie wisssie 🙂

DSC00654 DSC00655 DSC00656 DSC00658 DSC00659



Crim law peer teaching is over!finally. our hard work has paid off!im damn tired,slept for like 4 hours plus only,my brain is totally konked out.slept at 1am or so,got up at 5am plus cos i was thinking abt the peer up ytd night/early morning trying to print all my blarrrrdeeeeee documents for microsoft is 2007,and my mum & sis’s com all cant print 2007 docs,and my com isnt connected to any imagine my agony,trying 3 coms,all cannot print,super kan cheong for tdy,all my tp mates also couldnt print..haha you get my drift.finally managed to print 1 copy via email,thank God man.haha.

sch was awesomely BORING. B was in a very emo state[hi B i love you!], W was sleeping his ass off as usual, R was idk doing what,left me to rot my day away, M drove us nuts la, with all this ‘ can you explain this again,i dont understand’ like omg our brain was like urrrghh strangle strangle home at 5,read through 2 tort law notes..waiting for parents to come back w dinner[ SEE LA NO MORE MAID ): ],I WANT MY CHEEEEESEBURGER

client talk is this wed!omg,mr J!!!! :/ plus we’re the first group,haha good luck to our souls man.DIE ALREADY!

okay bye my brain feels like how your brain would usually feel when you get back from camp without 2 nights of sleep.



goodday earthlings,didnt have time to blog ytd cos i was out from 10 plus am till almost midnight.the day started of well!:) churched after that,omg everyone looked damn good in formal wear HAHA.cos we were going to attend gab’s performance after WEB.(: rushed to BPP to get dinner,bused down to ACSBR,had dinner in 10 mins,rushed to get into the concert hall to watch gabriel had like a freaking headache la,watched halfway then i left at about 11 or so..i think i had fever LOL.wth okay.slept at 12 something something,got up at 6am tdy,met K in the morning,met Z after that,bought drinks for WG outing,went to BP interchange.met sheryl,gab,yi ren,david,peter n jan over there.bused down to BOTANIC GARDENS.met the rest of senior webs there.omg damn tired la.played some game,had worship,did some mag cuttins,lunched,and then left with G,B & K.damn bloody tired i almost fell asleep somewhere along the way.

dinnered at sakura today.nice nice im damn pissed but yet im blogging so happily.shit.oh and did i mention that i hate peter isaac chan khoon lau.stupid,he kicked some bloody ball onto my head,WALAO.idiot.I HATE YOU PETER,YOURE MY NUMBER ONE ENEMY FOR LIFE,AND GABRIEL’S TOO.anyhow,MY BLOODY TORT OUTLINE.SOMETHING HAPPENED.WE DONT HAVE A BACK UP COPY.SO NOW MY GROUP IS CHIONGING LIKE SIAO,DOING IT VIA MSN.dont need to sleep tonight already la.and tmr’s crim law peer teaching,i swear im gna get heart attack la,havent even printed the stuff.SHIT!!!!okay time to cut the crap,i am vellllly welly pissed & worried.and somehow i dont like many things anymore.

alicia n cheryl (:


GID!hahaha coordination game hahaha.


Z & J 😀




C! ❤


sheryl & i have the same kinda slippers plus same size leh(:






my fav drink,COKE.




stupid sister.<3