went for barker’s carnival yesterday,walao eh the sun was sooooo hot man,eunice & i got burnt!haha.soooo the morning & afternoon & evening was spent with my favourite girl,my ppk!<3met tonnes of people who have MIA-ed for super duper long!haha met cai,jeffy,keith,my ngffl,soph,clarice,ryna,charlene and some of their friends and some other people.hahaha.finally got to meet cai’s gf!hahaha. HELLO AMANDA!(: i know youll see this<3 haha.walked around non stop,haha.super hot la ytd.went to watch jeffy & his band performmmmm. walao eh it was okay what,still say what commit suicide,HAHA.keith’s class’s stall was quite fun,the dunking one,hahaha.whoooo!met ppk’s friend,coeway.he went with us & kuded5 to church.was suppppperrrrr tired by the time we reached church la,went out halfway during sercice,if not confirm will fall asleep inside la,omg sorry God.sat on the stairs outside with ppk & my number one enemy,haha.sat there for like half an hour,what the helllll mannnnnnnnnnnn.then went back in.(: its like 0819am now,im supposed to leave for church soon!ive got so many pics to upload from ytd’s carnival,maybe ill do it later.

PPK!<3 thanks for yesterday!finally had time to catch up with you & everything (((: i loveloveloveloveyou 😀

NGFFL:omg womannnn i finally got to see you ytd!(: but we didnt get to talk much ): meet up again okay!<3

SOPH:girlfrienddddd (: youre still as pretty as ever la,omg & we finally took a pic!HAHAHA<3

jeff,keith,cai:you retardssss haha thanks for bringing us around ytd! (((: meet up again sooonnnnnn ((((: bffls (:

ytd i think i gave my greatest trust away haha shit laaaaaa omgggggg walao if you ever tell anyone,ill not friend you forever & ever & ever & ever & ever la.

& bestfriends!ive got stories to tell you ((((: MONDAY’s tomorrow!meansssss that we’d going home together!(((: & you can listen to all my stories.& deb tay!its not scandalous :/ crazy toot toot.

okay off to church!<3 bye!



out of my league;

went to sch with mel png the bff<3,damn kan cheong man,haha almost late,HAHA.mmmhm bestfriendddd,screw him la okay (: the second one’s better.but anyhowww,whoever he is i will support you okay (((: & bloody hell ill kick that ass for you.like now.haha.serious.chicken backside,sch was like crap today la.POM & macroecons made me feel like .my head almost killed me man,pain like shit,and my throat was like WALAOOO EH i bought like 24 strepsils HAHA.overdose mannn omggg.& blooooddddyyyy hell the fever’s like coming shit asssss.grrrr.anywayyy,presentation was okay,i saw my other bff mel ang next door so i was like hahaha.took the long way back today.mmmhm.so tmr’s acsbr’s carnival.& im like supposed to buy tix from cai & jeffy HAHA.walaoooo ehhh LOL!mmmhm.okay pokeyyy i shall likeeee go study for LSM soon or something.dont wna screw my core subject up,haha.camwhored with some classmates tdy.shall upload it some other time when my head’s nottttt woozzzzyyy haha.i cant wait for tmr.ill get to seeeee my ppk,cai,jeffy,keith,ngffl!

whoopieeedoos okay bye(:

for you i will;

went to sch for like 2 hrs only la,wth waste my time.had legal com tdy,did outline & summary.omg.went to TM[again]for lunch with classmates.pasta mania! took the longer way home,train & bus!(: i loveeee long rides haha.my throat feels all weird today man i think i ate like 2 packs of strepsils alr hahaha.like a hairy spider’s stuck in my throat!tsk.okay whatever la ive got presentaion again tmr.bloody hell ): this time we’ve got to present on our ‘law firm’ what in the world la kukufied.okay i need to go do work now so byebyebyebyebye (:

& cannonball into the water.

think.reflect.do something.

school today was roarrrr boring like dunno what.4 hours straight of tutorials.ohmychickenbackside la,3 mins break ONLY.wthhhh.anw,the tutorial room was sooooo freaking cold i think everyone was like turning into ice la,think the temp was at like 13 or sth HAHA.mm.went to TM with 3 classmates after that.went to eat at long johns.whooo!was supposed to take train with a classmate but decided to leave earlier so tt i could have some time to myself took train all the way from tampines to novena.one hour ride or so.nice time to do some thinking.mmmmhmmm.nice nice nice.i like i like i like!(:

deborah tay!haha omg eh you want me to die isit.ehhhh DONT POST TT COMMENT AGAIN! bestfriendddd haha dont leh omg la ill die if _ sees it pleaseeeeeee.hahahaha.

& ppk!i miss you tooo ): nehminnddddd saturday ill get to see you<3333

tmr’s thursday.which meanssssss its 2 hours of sch only!yipeee yay yay.

my favourite people!<3

3/4 of the 9sychodelics!


kudeds!carolyn & gid are missing from the pic ):


ahaha carolyn<3 *handsign!*


ppk,favourite girl,BMW<3






i need to take a pic with my ngffl this sat<3 then i can add it to the favourite people<3 whooo!

i love night time.(: mmmmhm.

when you wake up you will see;

sch starts at 12 for me tdy.so im like slacking at home..waiting for time to pass.mmmhm.

you!thanks for the wake up sms!HAHA.

whoohoo my sms is gna bomb again.whoooo phone’s gna get confiscated AGAIN.haha no kick already.

tsk tsk HAHA saturday!ill get to see my NGFFL amanda & cai & jeffy & keith & my ppk (((:

i think im going.THINK.haha.

okay time to eat & then im off to school!bye martians.


on a thin black sheet of glass;

omg LSM presentation was like rarrrhhh.imagine a 50 min presentation on family law.ohmychickenbackside.

sch-ed with mel png the bestfriend<3 secret ah woman!dont leak (:

backside,ive got another presentation on fri,walao screw presentations can.one week got like dunno how many.omgggg.

over it;

first day of sch after the hols!had 3 lectures today,6 hrs altogether la ohmygoodness.had to be in sch by 8am although lessons start at 11,cos we had to submit our CSA project.rarrrrrrrrrhhhh waste time pleaseeeee.felt so damn tired after the first lecture.lunched at ITAS.sch ended at 5,waited for my 3 bffs before heading home with them,greg,keiths & another of mel ang’s classmate-i dont know his name.haha.the bus ride back was fun HAHA talked cock the wholeeee journey back.i missed my bffs alot ): & so i like mondays.cos we 4 get to go home tgt .mel png!haha we’re like in the same boat or smthg la,grrr.haha but aiyah,ill support you all the way man.just pls tell that person tt you love our clique & bffs more HAHA. mel ang,mel png & deb are the loves. ❤ clique outing on sat night,but i dont think i can go la,got LSM test on monday.grrrrrrrr.screw you la,LSM.spoil my week only la,ahhh.sch with mel png tmr!<3

took this in the bus.aiyoh so scandalous HAHA.

mel png & greg!


tsk haha greg why so shyyyyyy!


awwwwwwwwwww HAHAHAHA.okay mel dont kill me!lol.


& i just felt like putting these 2 pics up again.HAHA




youth sunday (: ALLIANCEEEEE!


okay bye ive got LSM presentation tmr!