Woke up damn early today cos i had to go out to collect my 2 Victoria Secret bags! super happy hahaha,but im giving away oneeee,still havent really decided which one yet! i wrapped both up just for fun HAHAHA. went to catch pink panther 2,damn boring i was sleeeeeping please lunched at BK mushroom swiss is my favvvv. came home to slack,wanted ice cream but damn full alr.sent him home & tadaaaaa back here chatting with jeff haha.

I forgot where i put today’s pics.shit. we’re gonna view a new condo near town tmr!haha so funnnn ah.



macs & pizza.

This was today. fatty came over to find me,met at Macs & i treated breakfast hahahawas walking to the bus stop when we saw UOB & suddenly decided to make our Debit card & Atm card at UOB. & so we did! now we’re both awaiting the arrival of our debit cards,alr got the atm one bused to his house,ordered pizza delivery!whoo hawaiian & mushroom & chicken drumlets! SHIOK. & coke plus sarsi hahaha.then did up blogshop for the boys. http://www.guyslane.blogspot.com ! walked down w fatty for ice cream & he followed me to bishan to meet fam & we did grocery shopping & sakae sushi for dinner.

i hate my period.urgh.

Afternoon & Morning!

Pink panther 2 tmr w mummy sis fatty!daddy cant join cuz of work ):

Marley & Me.

Caught Marley & Me today. awesome show,probably one of the best shows ive ever seen. Jennifer Aniston’s frickking hot & pretty! My fav actress forever hahahaha.It rained like crap today.didnt bring umbrella cos bag no space so ended up waitingggggg for damn long before we could run across from Cine to Taka side. went to toilet to blow dry haha nice & hot air from the dryer thingy!SG is so boring lol,totally nothing to buy/shop,all we did was spend money on eating! Periodddddd izzzz here i am pissed >.< i hate it hate it hate it if there was one thing i could ask God i’d ask Him why the heckkkk girls must have periods it sucks like ballz & its frickking painful!

marley sis

 out again tmr hahahahhhh.

when freedom tastes so good.

Title says it all. Im freeeeeee!accounting wasnt that bad,careless mistakes here & there but heck,haha it’s overrrr! cabbed down to chomp chomp with HPYs. it was raining & damn sian to take bus so we cabbed,cheap la each person $3 only.had stingray,chicken wings,clams,kangkong,rice,sugarcane,ice mango! sit sit chat chat laugh laugh then waited for them to bus back haha i love hpys.


movie w sis tmr!