yay internet!


finally touching my laptop again hehe. internet is back!YAY! study break is so boring omg i vacuumed the entire house today haha back acheeee! finally replied all emails from the girlies hehe so happy! & fatty books out tonight & just nice internet is back so we can webcam! aha. ❤ okay bye fear factor is on now & i wna watch! hi fats when you read this iloveyou. & i still love you even if youre not reading this hahahaha byebye i feel like eatg chicken feet those dimsum kind!


no internet):

Hi! I have no internet at the new house ): haha so sad right! Unpackg was fun! Imissfatty. Mummy’s bday is next wk + we’re going for those brazillian meat buffet aha fatty I know u also wna eat! Nov we go carnivore okay?:) I’m on a 2wk test break aha study break la 🙂 so boring w no internet! Mall tmr before tt gg massey to do my quizzes!:) I miss all e girls in sg and I can’t wait for uss whoohoo hi vanny chipbelle hamz rollz keem choo para serene!<3 I had nth to do ytd so I wrapped your gifts!haha luvluvvv!


Photo on 2010-06-23 at 13.42

tmr is out of jungle day! woke up early to copy accounting notes + watch fear factor hahaha they are eating like a bull’s snout, spleen and spinal cord. SICK SHIT. looks raw to me ahhaha eeeeek. i love replying emails from all the girls. makes life so much more fun here haha. moving for real tmr! cant wait to sleep on my bed.

& i miss fatty.tmr tmr tmr tmr! i feel like eating mushrooms now. i shall go cook some!haha TGIF woohoooo!

week4 army week 6 school!

everyday is a day closer to sg whoohoo! fatty’s going back to camp in like 1.5 hours.aha oh well. book out was fun while it lasted, even if im not in sunny singaland!

church today was good. first time seeing people get baptized like full body & head in the pool! church in sg does the wet head one only. this one was major oooh cos i havent seen it before hahaha went shopping @ sylvia park mall i think it’s the biggest mall here but it’s not even comparable to..marina?HAHA.ohwellz.better than nothing. bought fatty a shirt mhm & bought myself some..idk cardigan HAHA.well i only bought it cos it was 80$ to 20$ & i liked it since one month ago AHAHA. so cheapskate always buy stuff that is on sale LOL. & yes wendy’s frozen yoghurt! (VANNY! I THOUGHT ABOUT U WHEN I WAS EATING HAHA. i added muesli!HEHE i think u will like this one cos it’s damn creamy & nice hehe)

anw that was my sunday HAHA & we went to view our house! tmr is settlement day hehe cant wait to move in this week! fatty’s going for his field camp this week. God please dont let it rain! pleaseeee let it be hot this week! & on tues itll be our 37th but haha sad case lor. in jungle + i have school wah siannn. okay bye need to webcam before time runs out! have a great wk you all





sent fatty this card hahaha. postage cost half the price of the card itself haha rip off right.i bought it at some random store at sylvia park mall! daddy kept trying to see what card i bought-.- aha finally reached his house after 4-5 days! so happy that today is book out day. love weekends! ❤