yay internet!


finally touching my laptop again hehe. internet is back!YAY! study break is so boring omg i vacuumed the entire house today haha back acheeee! finally replied all emails from the girlies hehe so happy! & fatty books out tonight & just nice internet is back so we can webcam! aha. ❤ okay bye fear factor is on now & i wna watch! hi fats when you read this iloveyou. & i still love you even if youre not reading this hahahaha byebye i feel like eatg chicken feet those dimsum kind!


no internet):

Hi! I have no internet at the new house ): haha so sad right! Unpackg was fun! Imissfatty. Mummy’s bday is next wk + we’re going for those brazillian meat buffet aha fatty I know u also wna eat! Nov we go carnivore okay?:) I’m on a 2wk test break aha study break la 🙂 so boring w no internet! Mall tmr before tt gg massey to do my quizzes!:) I miss all e girls in sg and I can’t wait for uss whoohoo hi vanny chipbelle hamz rollz keem choo para serene!<3 I had nth to do ytd so I wrapped your gifts!haha luvluvvv!