Life is compared to a voyage.

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fatty is the cutest boy alive. looks like baby shrek in the above picture HAHA.

thankq bbs for the scarf & hat hehehe see im wearing it even in sg’s hothot weather k! loveyouzzz hahaha

movers came (again), my entire downstairs is gone! tables tv chairs mirrors sofas, all packed up into cardboards + bubble wrap! tmr they are gonna pack MY ROOM. today fatty & i packed even more stuff to give away. didnt even know i bought those stuff & so many brand new w tags hahaha must be crazy! put them into bags & gave some away to wanchin just now.(my blogshop friend HAHA) & she bought me 2 cups of koi omgggg thankq but you didnt need to come w anything!!! giving some away to denis as well. so yeah anyone who needs girls clothing (about 10 yrs old up to teens), size about my size kind la uk 6-10 please sms me okay! i will happieeeleee give you else it will go to waste today’s packg was good! leaving in 5 days omg wtf kill meeee. will be missing fatty + v b b s k l c alottttzzzz.

From tumblr:

Life is compared to a voyage.
Promise yourself to be strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on the greater achievements of the future.♥







advanced 3rd year anniversary lunch w fats at shangrila today. awesome food eat till fatfat haha creme bruleeeee! finally please. that’s the best dessert ever hahaha. 3 hour lunch! fat balls of fire. walked around for a little while then i had to rush home to pack cos of the movers. URGHHH. & they will be coming everyday! my shelves/cupboards are like almost ALL EMPTY. i am so sad!!! my 5 years of memories in this house all wiped out eeee. 6 more days. fast or what?!?!? i will miss fatty + my friends

time to pack more stuff! x






food for thought w fatty ytd, nice place but food quite ex for the portion they give lol. but it was still good! & i’d go back again! went w parents to make my international driving license. so mafan right haha. bought birthday presents for sis & mummy. am poorer once again, what’s newwww. but i know they’ll like it! so im happy haha

AT NIGHT. after watching my 7pm chinese show, i yelled to mummy downstairs to tell me when my uncles come to take some stuff. & i saw fatty walking up the stairs, WITH VANNY BEHIND HIM. & i ran into my room to change (cos i at home v lupsup HAHA shorts & shirt) & omgggg. i heard bren ly serene bs vanny kim choo yelling outside! HAHAHA they came to my placeeeeee with cupcakes (made by vanny) & winter wear! awwwww so sweet loveeees thank you bbgs! i love you x 14612956915917591. mummy ordered 4 gigantic pizzas for us! ate till left 3 slices & we had vanny’s awesome cuppycakeys! thank you bb for the cupcakes! DAMN NICE TO EAT. tonight i eat again! hehe hung around till 11pm++ then fatty sent all of them back (SO GENTLEMANLY HAHAHA PUKES LOL). they made my day, night, everything. i love, vanny kim serene beesiang brenda christine liying! (ya ya and fatty also AHAHA) ultimate con me still tell me he watching tv call me at 8. basket! AHA cannot get over it lol but thankq verrrry muchhh girlzzz skype you all from nz okay! lovelove!

gotto jet, meeting fats in an hour at town! DIE HAHA

It’s my destiny



yay mx’s pictures are so good! i like x 15913827582289. hehe skype-ing w yi-wern now, my longlost & never seen friend from the states whom i last saw like..19 years ago? HAHA she’s so cute! & prettttyyy i shall go to taiwan & visit her next year when fatty has hols.(if army permits HAHA)

frolick pic w fatty’s mum & sis & his sis’s friend HAHA i will miss frolick omg & i wanna buy this bb shimmering cream from watsons but i will be like $36 poorer HAHA k byeeee skype!

never say never

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was watching justin.b’s never say never music vid w jaden smith HAHA so cute!(talking about the latter hereeee)!
Today was youth sunday! It was greaaaat! matt lo’s sermon was good + not boring! came home w fatty to pack. yay 2 of us alone at home haha. cleared out stuff again sighhh i wna keep so many things but there’s no space poooo so it has to be given away! ice teh tarik + cheekwayyy @ market! bought dinner back cos tonight not meeting cousins. ahah DAMN SIAN. one more week wtfffff new life new everything.

sentosa ytd w fatty & his friends, aaron’s birthday! sun was nice, not too hot not too cloudy! but the volleyball whammed into my middle finger so my finger is currently SO HUGE + bruised + bloody. internal bleeding ouch. looks like a fatfat finger omgggg.

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the right one is much fatter! & bruised on all the joints. tsk. fatty says i am damn fat now. & tt i better exercise now & in nz else ill be even fatter & get clogged arteries. eeeee. shall use the cross trainer in nz-.- hate exercising. & FATTY IS SO MEAN :< tmr going to get my international driving license so i can drive in nz. pooo not like i drive alot here anyway. hahaha driving=feel like sleeping. myehhh nz in 8 days, 3rd year anniversary in 27 days, army in 32 days. crazy july for sure.k,i cant type properly without my middle finz so byebye!



lunched near my house at this thai restaurant. very cheap $7.50 NETT for main course + side dish + drink + dessert. NO GST NO SERVICE CHARGEEEE! went shopping w mummy sis fatty. wanted to change phone housing but daddy says later i get brain cancer all. haha & it’s quiteee expensive @ $100 for full pink housing + changing service. cos the housing only costs $30++ from! lol. no pinkkk housing for now. mummy bought me a cardigan while i was wandering at bugis w fatty. we had koi! probably my last cup or so. haha siannnnnn. oh oh we had dinner w fatty’s family minus his sister HAHA moi lum! at red dot museum there. NICE FOOD! terence damn funny omg can die drop dead funny haha laugh till stomach pain like siaaaaoooo. nice dinner + nice company hehe fatty’s family is verrryyy cute & nice haha i like alot. & im so full & im craving for coke right NOW. maybe i should go get a can. haha k, goodaaabyeee tmr is like packed ttm. & i wanna meet my clique but idk if i can damn sian.




celebrated our 35th today! simple lunch @ TCC. they have this 1 for 1 promo so we paid $25 for 2 seafood pasta + one tall caramel drink without the promo it’ll be like $45? aha so yep worth your buck if you go TCC now! went walkwalk a whileeee. bought one shirt for 35th for fats & he bought me a dress, bought myself another top-.- & im annoyed cos i always waste money. searched for birthday presents for sis & mummy but there were NO NICE STUFF AT ALL. (this smiley is retarded <—-) walked from orchard to plaza sing & bumped into my primary one classmate, vanessa ho! HAHA omg she's so cute & she looks exactly the same since primary 1!HAHAHA. so pretty tooooo! was a good day out. 10 more days wah farrrkkkk it please. really not looking forward to winter.

23 months till army is over. HAHA im counting down! xfingersx happy 35th fatty! thanks for the present + hope you like yours haha your shirt is so funny dont make furrings on it okay! haha loveyou x infinity & beyond lol. dinner w fatty’s fam + my fam tmr. tsk ultimate joke. fatty’s sis just left for korea, have a safe trip + dont shop so much lol!

okay bye back to my itunes!