i need you Jesus,to come to my rescue;

WG today was good!matt came to speak to us abt quite a few things.lunched with kudeds 1,5,6,10 & erika! yay erika!shopping date in 2 wks time 😀 HAHAHA woohoo!(:

went back to church to do some econs,then ended up playing soccer,HAHA freaking funny la.but quite fun,haha.studied a bit more,then rotted a while.mmmhm.

econs exam’s tmr!AHHHH.okay die die.no wait,tues die even more.ahhh shit.

anyhow,ive got 2 busy weeks ahead!haha,this week’s exam week,next week thursday night going for gabriel’s performance with the WG,then friday night is cai & jeffy’s birthday party,hahaha and in between must go out w keith to get their presents,HAHAHA wah so cool,i cannot wait for exams to end.THURSDAY HURRY COME LEHHHH.

okay econs econs econs.study study study.bye bye bye!


yeah its alright;leave the pieces;

so i studied econs today.big deal. money multiplier’s giving me a headache.wah screw econs man.

anyhow,churched today,WG got cancelled,so went to greenridge with the rest,listened to them talk abt army.mmmhm.& no ian im not a boy,i know abt army cos my cousin told me stories,hahaha.

service was..pretty good.

dinner-ed at some thai restaurant at raffles city with the fam.

got back not too long ago.my eyes hurt a fair bit.shit.

i got nagged at by my mummy today.abt priorities,boys,friends.studies,life.aiyah everything la.damn hard to be a 17 yr old in this retarded world.you’ve got to live up to everyone’s expectations of you,parents,family,friends.they all expect you to be something you cannot be,or do something you cannot do.freaking hard i tell you.

i hear my econs book calling out to me once again.

breakfast with kudeds 1 & 10 tmr morn (:

okay bye world;im sick of studying.

i love You,more than life;

Lord you catch me when im falling;

oms,last night was shit,the stupid movie dead silence made me cannot sleep for the whole night,i kept thinking of the doll’s face.what the apple right.walao scary shit la that show.stupid mary shaw & billy & all her dolls.rar.

see la everytime i come online i feel guilty cos i see my books staring at me straight in my face.what the shit,super annoying la.ahhhh.heck la heck.okay.5 more days to freedom.i can surviveeeee!

ive got to cram macroecons tdy & tmr.then cram pom & lsm on monday.then chiong for csa on tues & wed.and freeeeeeedommmmm (:

okay church beckons.

its a race against time;


walao spoiler to my very happy day;my parents are happily gonna make me work at a law firm during my hols.BLOOOOOOODYYYYY HELL.BLOOOOOOOODYYYYY HELL LA.OMS THANKS AH,MAKE CONTRACT WITH PPL FOR ME.THANKS AH THANKS.WALAO!and we freaking got back our LSM1 overall coursework marks & oral presentation marks.AND FREAK THAT TOO. blooody hell i tell you.screw it.screw it.screw it.

okay what shit la,spoiler of the very happy day.

& anw if you see this,thanks<3 11 hrs!(: idiot la you,haha.

and the movie dead silence can kill your soul,so pls dont watch if you have a weak heart,can get heart attack,i swear.the dolls faces are like shitassscrewedupmessedupshitfacestheatscarethehellouttayou.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK TO BE OVER.ill burn my notes & books.

okay gdnight to this freaking idiotic full-of-shit world,my books beckon me once again tomorrow.WHAT SHIT LA WHAT SHIT.really no life.someone kill me.thanks.


happiness= satisfaction over desires?

a classmate asked me to think about the above equation[see the entry title].mmmhm! okay think peeeeeople.THINK ABOUT IT.

im here.after 3 hours of mugging today.shits,the 3 hours felt like the whole day la.ayeeee,tortureeee man.& its only 3 in the afternoon.booooringggg!& what the apple,who said that poly damnnnn slack huh!walaooooo.slack your head la okay.if slack ah,i wouldnt have to mug at all laaaa.neh neh pok la this world.everything also must study.HURHHH. anyhowwww,its 7 more days to freedom.haha that’s my motivation.walao cheap thrills.okay what the heck.random pictures!

my lsm/lcom presentation grp[me,beesiang,wenkai & ryan],plus lois & shaun.


OKAYYY spot me.MCS pri 3 haha.


oh shit exam madness.


‘if love was a heart,i’d send you mine.’


❤ okay back to the world of nerds.ohshit,this aint good at all.

just like in fairytales;

today was awesome  couting down to exams,5 more days till it starts,8 more days till it ends.brilliannnnt.haha.mugging marathon!

” She spun around, took the lipstick out of her pocket & reapplied a fresh coat. It sparkled in the dark. It felt like wax, like a mask, like none of this was real “.

you’re every minute of my everyday (: ♥♥♥


HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSIN,EX-PARTNER & CLIQUE MATE! whoooo! haha youre 17 😀 😀 😀 yay one more year to M18 movies.HAHA. you neh neh,I MISS YOU LA.who ask you to go to SAJC HUHHH! then leave us all in TP.HAHAHA.anyhowwwww,youve been the bestest of the bestttt besttt partner heh heh.always teaching me chemistry cos i know nuts abt mole concept,and forever listening to me talk abt neh neh things! and for the times that we played leap frog,had recess tgt and scared mel png in the toilet-haha ill never forget.so study hard for promos!(: & we’ll have full clique outing once exams are over (: haha i love you much much,much more than i love theo walcott