Happy 1 year 10 months 7 days :D

Im so sick of staring at the C&P accounting book,everytime i open it i’ll just close it again omg.zzz to the max okay! i realllly hate studying haha, it’s not a very pleasant hobby to keep!>.< anw church today was  i luv the church atmosphere every single sunday. Looks like ill be occupied every Sunday till i die!haha yayyy.we had lunch @ Transit Road area.okok food la,wanted kolomee but they closed down omg. fatz came over haha iloveyou fatty boyboy! We studied,slacked around,did facial -.-,peeled off the cucumber mask,drank coke,ate san zhar[the sweet!],saw online stuff,chose fred perry wallets!HAHAHA.crazy day.tmr 9-10 is accounting test!After that it’ll be hanging with classmates,then off to NP to find my fatfat! then eat ice cream somewhere/something & find mummy t go home tgt!i am happy.& daddy’s comin home tmr from Bangkok!


This is my fatfat ^^ & i luv him vellyswellymuch.

You are magnificent,
Eternally wonderful, glorious.
Jesus, no one ever will compare
To You, Jesus.


The Redeemed.


Here’s 1/2 of THE REDEEMED wg! excluded those 2 monkeys on the left & ming xian,who’re from other WGs!haha.MIA:Peter,Sheryl,Alicia,Brian,etc etc!

They are love<3

Galvin & Charmaine’s wedding(:


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Today we attended Galvin[our WG leader] and Charmaine’s wedding. They looked absolutely gorgeous k! Charmaine was so damn pretty omg. Their service was..packed with 1000plus plus ppl? Their speeches were so touching lol. & everything was just perfect. They look like the perfect couple to me! & i wish i could be like them in like..6 years time?hahaha. God’s Blessings on your marriage,you perfect couple (:

Had a nice time catching up with all the WG ppl,omg Gabriel & his ‘we are exclusive dont talk to us!’ was damn funny & walking around in heels killed my poor feet,snapping pictures here & there,talking to random ppl,it was pure fun (: IF only i could meet them everyday..that’ll be awesome please.haha anw went home early t study zzz i miss my fatty bombom ): next week i ca ngo find & pester him everyday yayyyy. i got alot of pimples i dunno why >.<

WHY FACEBOOK CANNOT UPLOAD PICS ): angry haha lagging away…




Thanks paparazzi Terence Hor for the v unglam pictures ahaha.Happy 22nd month 5 days fatz!

love is one letter short from being spelled ‘evil’ backwards.
if you let too much of ‘i’ into it.

its eats you up, swallows you whole,
and leaves you begging for more.


Dont remind me about civ pro test.it was majorly screwed i even saw ppl crying :/ anyhowwww mloct proj done!thanks t vanessa & samantha(: we spoke to the teacher today which was good (: anyway i need to study for accounting. it’s year 3 & im very very screwed somehow.oh god help me.


My cutie ^^ hehehehe



maameemoo i skipped Mloct & Crim lecture today.so proud of myself please.totally a waste of time so just skip!!!reached sch early,met BS to print the Supreme/Subordinate Court Practice Directions for tmr’s test.hoho class was uh..1 hr?lol joke please i went to school for 1 hour-.- & i was v v v pissed off today w the group mates. nvm i shall just learn to do work on my own.  how can i rely on ppl who don’t even give a damn about their work,right? i just cant wait for friday,then the submission would be over & i can like just dont talk to anyone hahaha.

okay time to read more Rules of Court-.- dammit baby.


There’s this v nice Magnolia Strawberry Smoothie drink!just found out today ahaha. v v nice was drinking in class!anw i met fatz after his driving.was damn tired to go driving lol. went t my sch tgt for lunch!yay but we only met for less than 2 hrs ): better than nothing heheh.Crim tutorial was a waste of my bleeding precious time!!!>.< was studying civ pro instead of listening..-.- Accounting was just as retarded hello?!?? we’re not primary school kids omgz.homed after tt & did some civ pro. im damn tired!!! urgh ): gonna skip lectures tmr.waste of my precious time please. they’re like READING the notes,NOT teaching!hahahah shall just attend tutorialz.

k bye cant wait for next week!

luv IMG_4707