♥micro lecture today was the best ever since the chapter on perfect competition came about.finally understood haha.lunched with HPYs at ITAS(: ILAW chamber for TORT project & to draft our outline for the legal opinion..& yay i completed my legal opinion homework due tomorrow haha walked around TM after school for a while then went to toa payoh for dinner

You and I were made to worship
You and I are called to love
You and I are forgiven and free
When you and I embrace surrender
When you and I choose to believe
Then you and I will see who we were meant to be♥





school was opinion writing in the morning,socio presentation in the afternoon,ahh freak haha.met deb bff tdy<3 i miss bffs!): & 9sychos!!! BUBBLETEA TODAY(: went out for dinnerrrrr,studied socio & yay back online(: shit,micro lecture tmr ):

okay bye bye!i feel like going to chomp chomp to eat right now HAHA.



LSM was super retarded,debating in class please,what the heck right?lunch break was fun,went to some eating place opposite school with HPYs,whoo damn nice please,bak kut teh,hokkien mee,wanton noodles,bak chor mee HAHAand whoohoo our favourite bubble tea again!tiramisu,french caramel & double chocolate HAHA.omg rocks.ate and drank so much until couldnt walk properly can.went to sit at the mushroom for like 10 mins before walking into class HAHA.omg fat!tort law was so stressing know,its like you’re on the right track but then there’s sth stopping you from proceeding.ahh sucks please,problem #2 is so draining no trespass, no defamation,only negligence,but got nuisance or not!omg la.want to drive us to our graves only..this whole week’s gonna be delegated to tort law.and not to mention SOCIO tmr and sat ): suckssssss.

i feel like eating my dinner now,so much for being so full just now eh? haha freak,damn fat pleaseeee..

ahhh,school’s good.need to study more though.STUDYYYY!




heh school was funmicro was a bit too i-dont-understand-anything-so-screw-it kinda thing.haha.but nevertheless,it was alryt..ahh we’ve got mock papers already!lunched with HPYs at design,wahpiang the food damn gross can,haha we ate halfway & prollyyyyy gave up.R wanted to eat waffles,B & i wanted bubble tea,so all 4 of us headed to the HDB area opposite schoolwent to get bubble tea & W got fries whooo. the bubble tea damn nice,irish cream & oreo blended!haha anyone wants to go drink?come my school i bring you haha.ponned LSM lecture,went to ILAW to play online games and touch up on legal opinion outline.job done,went for crim law tutorial,peer teaching group E by W & R.haha you 2 better be honoured,i paid more attention than usual cos it was you both teaching OKAY.haha.finally got home at like 5pm.ahh tried to study socio,only a teeeeny weeeny bit got into my head la omg.die die.after dinner must chiong!& ask daddy to teach me econs as well.shit,6 hours of tutorial tmr,ohmy.nehmind,still loving school haha.♥


DSC01100 DSC01098 DSC01102

thanks for keeping us alive during tutorials<3


i shrunk my parents car you know?


When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You, above the storm
Father, You are king over the flood

I will be still and know You are God


churched today,it was alryt la.after that was (: heh. lunch,shopping for ***-****,everything’s been cool for the past 5 days❤ haha ahh shit school’s gonna commence again tomorrow,i hate mondays a whole lot..just tried doing my miroecons tutorial on monopoly,& shit,i dont understand anything at all,just merely copying whatever i can comprehand.omg la.die please,exams are in like 3 weeks time?ahhh,shit.anyone who’s good in econs wanna teach me?and then there’s sociology test this cmg sat,shit again.& not to mention socio presentation this wed,and tort project on tues & never gonna finish this pile of work man. pooo,shall trust God since there’s nothing else i can do anyway. im sure He’ll make this week a great one,despite all the project,tests & work.(: ❤

edit 1113 pm

just got back from airport terminal3(: damn nice!omg and please check this out

12 years ago,megan,hannah,ME(: then 12 years later,LOL<3 ahh cousin love:)

nmh nmh1

Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.

You are amazing God




whoo studied at bishan library today morn till early afternoon!lunched at pastaaaa maniaaa(: then walked around,slacked at macs,ate ice cream,then back to the library to study AGAIN.super draining haha but it was fun!<3♥ went to toa payoh to get stuff then headed to church after that. then came home,ate my favourite instant nooodles haha the tom yam myojo one(: did up my outline for lcom,omg i think im gna fail ): pooo. oh yes i finished my peer teaching mind maps for tues alr!

the fooooood<3


this leeeetle boy in BHG messed up all the toy cars.omg la haha.


ahhh im feeling the need to study hard.shit,i cannot fail econs!RARRRRR.okay one more month till freedom.<3 whooots.

church again in 11 hrs time.omg im soooo so tired ):

goodnight lovelies(:


School from 10am till 4pm,then town! lcom lecture was retarded, tort project was kinda fun & sick!HAHA.lcom tutorial was sucha mad rush,had to do research on cases then do an outline & present it to the lecturer before we could leave. & shit,this weekend i have homeworkindividual outline.omg sad.towned after that♥fun fun!(: ❤ dinnered at my house area,then went home till 950pm,then went out then came back at 10 something?haha. thanks<3

dhamirah loves asking me to camwhore while walking up the stairs.


& again…


tort law grp mates(: excluding shaun.haha.


❤ ♥


whooo!damn nice(:


gonna study like crazy tomorrow morn till afternoon.then head to church later.poooo.i need to study;i need to study;i need to study(: