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was having a random chat w wenkai he stupidly disappeared since the day of our last paper in TP! omg-.- & he was saying have girlfriend = waste time, money & effort so i told him to call me when he gets married, if ever. HAHAHA

W says: (10:22:57 PM)
W says: (10:23:20 PM)
i think you wait til your breasts sag also wont receive calls from me man
W says: (10:23:21 PM)
Nicole ❤ Kelvin :B 34th! says: (10:23:54 PM)
AHHAHA pls alr sagging need push ups

i miss TP days. HAHAHA. anw tdy i caught SHREK with fatty! so cute pls the ogres babies! awww i would like to bring them home please! went to change whiteberry w sis haha why dont they call it whiteberry since it’s white-.- & we had dinz at yumcha! daddy kept feeding fatty duck + cod fish so funny haha.


ooogays shall continue on msn so byeee haha oh yes go to the group BAGGAGE AND click the ‘LIKE’ button on FACEBOOK FOR MELISSA ANG (MY BFF!). OKAY OKAY? pls click by 1159pm TONIGHT THANKEWZ VERY MUCH ❤


hooked onto you

_l_ how can you wear the same shirt as my fatty, you freaking toad!!!!angry i is not happy cos you is annoying me.

church tdy was good, but they sang the funeral song-.- okay not exactly but it’s a song that is always sung at funerals & i dont quite like itttttt. hooked on flea 2 was okay, not bad but rather boring hahaha at least we made profit & we broke-even hahahahappy thanks fatty for the koiiiii. you are so cute!heart 5 more weeks, i will miss you like fccckinnnnnnzzz shit. just hurryyyy up & finish army so you can study tgt w me & we will be happy together forever.heart

late night dinner at chinatown was nice! charkwayteow, kwaychap, oyster omellette, ice jelly, soursop & moreee yummy! singapore food is bliss hehehe. shrek w fatty tmr, i like shrek! haha & i wanna go to universal studios again! Merlot tastes so good, i could drink the entire bottle if i was allowed to. clueless sleeeepy ttm goodnight you alllll, i cannot wait for sat! @vanny @liying @bren @ryan @beesiang @everyone else who is going hahaha ohmygoshhhhh.





dinner @ downtown east w vanny chipbelle rollie hammy dingwei & fatty! hehehe omg eh rollie cloud ears HAHA i can dieeeepleased walked to ryan’s chalet at around 8ish haha so super crowded!surprised didnt stay longgg cos daddy came to pick fatty & i ahaha. but it was fun! happy 21st ryan! MAN ALREADY LEHhappy

heart love ttm

exactly what i do every morning! hehehe

packed stuff for flea on sun! JOIN US K!(see the picture below!)

tmr is prawning w family, dinner w vanny & rollie, & ryan’s 21st at some chalet ( I FORGOT WHERE OMG downtown east where?STM omg) but it will be fun! haha yay & chipbelle is going too heeeehee ilovemyfwenzzz.& thanks V for helping me order f21! IT IS MAD I WANT THE WHOLE STORE, if only we were not so pokkaiiii rightttt CRIESSS hahaha ❤ k bye im so hungry again.

remember that i love you :)

prawning part 2! tdy was good! we caught BIG PRAWNS HAHA! was telling beesiang we should go w the rest! better than hanging around town the whole day lol. the prawns pulled the rod so much it curved so bad haha but in the end they still died awww cos we bbq-ed them! so yummy! & after that we had koiiiii hazelnut milk tea! normal milk tea still the besttttt & then stupid pedro at ps CON ME PLEASE. ytd tell me go PS collect the shoes knn they out of stock still ask me go there FOR WHATTTT omg tmd.waste my time, mrt $ & effort travelling there for nothing. stupid lousy service ended up buying stuff from cotton body-.-haha the tops & sleeping wear all v nice! fatty pangseh me go for prom at orchard hotel. so now im bored & alone siaaaaaaaan!

going to have a stall at HOMECLUB flea on sun from around 12+ to 8+ at night, COME & VISIT ME! haha & going prawning (AGAIN! so addictive) on sat morning w my familyyy & then to ryan’s 21st at night! WHOOOOO. BUTTTT NZ is getting closer. im getting scareddddd cos i cannot leave/live without fatty omg i am so dependent on him; i should just grow up-.-

AMERICAL IDOL FINALE GOT SO MANY RANDOM SINGERS dunno who haha wasting time hurry tell me the winner!!!


My belated birthday lunch w my family @ triple3! hehe omg it’s better than shangrila’s the line. (VANNY LET’S GO EAT!) The food spread can make your eyes bulge. escargot, sashimi, smoked salmon,duck, fish soup, cooked foods, teppenyaki prawns/veg/fish, desserts like tiramisu cheesecake eclairs ice cream bread pudding kueh mousse (ALOTTTT), duck noodles w dumplings, salad, sushi, crab, cold prawns etc. super yummy! thankq parents. HAHA. please bring us there again!

went to pedro wanted to buy daddy shoes for fathers day butttt out of stock for the one he wanted-.- so i reserved one pair at PS tmr go collect hehehe. mummy bought us clothes & a jacket for nz’s winter! haha so niceeee i want to wear it in SG alr but probably will burn to death in the heat as such. met fatty’s mummy in town & we cabbed to his house for dinner prepared by terence! HAHA so yummy. crepes w chicken & pasta! WHOOOOO. & off to bishan prawning w cai, his 2 friends & jeff! zomg prawning is a real test of patience! i caught one medium sized one HAHA SO FUN to catch but need to flip the rod fast else the prawn will jump off. lol. fatty brought home our catch (2 ONLY LEH POK) & he ate them (WITHOUT ME-.-) hahah tmr we’re going again, bringing my sis! oh & macdodo has arrived! yay bye acer. lousy pokkkk always crashing on me.



we had gelare waffles today! only because fatty & his friends wanted to eat. sooo i had ice cream & waffles! but only ate half cos the feeling after eating 1/4 is like damn gross? hahaha ok!(: his friends are damn funny! i still rmb his last month his friend said fk you to another friend, then the other friend said okay fk you upside down inside out want anot? anw ah ma cooked pigs trotters w ultra lots of vinegar! went to her house to take. & i took some of daddy’s baby pictures HAHA i show you one. YOU TELL ME FUNNY OR NOT! haha the forehead still so high HAHAHAHAHA

tmr going triple3 eat lunchhh dunno nice or not hahaha & at night gg prawning w cai & jeff hehe looking forward! listen to more army stories HAHA. & this month i’m pokkai till cui already. pok to the maxxxxx siannn lehhhh feel like eating yoguru now siannnn koi also siannn i want!