mmhm our tree top walk got cancelled cause it rained in the morning.haha.but thats good.cause it means tt i’ll be able to meet peter & the rest on time.haha.had another crazy mass convo w peter & kelvin last night.[AGAIN].i hate peter.he’s so evil he makes me depressed.ahaha.righttt.okayyy so tdy i got up at like 6 cause mummy came to tell me tt tree top walk got cancelled.breakfast at like..730 with parents cell grp ppl.they’re like all at my house now!HAHA.they just walked past the com lol.doralynn’s parents are here.ahah EVERYONE’S IN MY ROOM NOW OMG.OMG!nyehh.haha

i miss my clique ):


once upon a time..when we were still young..insec3..acting


ohmygosh cute or what la haha.


say hello to the world’s bestest clique of all times


hi girlies (:


i miss you three ):


havent seen darshy & ara for the longest time ever!IM SO NOT USED TO THAT.i used to see them EVERYDAY laaaaa.ROAR.but i met soph last last week ahah so cool manzxzx HELLO girlies i loveeeee you ❤ and rachel,clarissa,xinni,belle & sarah MIA alr la.haha.esp xinni & sarah!haha time to meet uppppp soonnnn  heh see a kiss for youuuu haha.whooo!

i need to print my tutorial notes.eeyer so waste ink la.ROARRR.okay time to get ready to go out!byeee chickenpoops haha have fun


im happyyyy.

nyehh i reached sch on time tdy for my first lecture,thank God man.our legal systems lecturer is super duper scary.dont wna get into his bad books lol. first lecture lasted for 1 CSA had a break from 12 to 3.went to KFC with my classmates.haha they’re cool people!all girls gang HAHA.back to sch after that,sat at business sch benches with the girl gang and ryan,wen kai & shaun.[the boy gang] LOL.waited till it was 3 then went for our last lecture of the day!whoo.ended early,met mel ang,went to design sch’s canteen to buy drinks.then waited for mel png & deb! homed with them haha i loveeee them SOOOOOOOOO much.would hv died without them la.funny how when we like talk to classmates we have awkward pauses in between.maybe its because we dont hv much to talk abt or whatever.with the BFFs its different.can talk NON STOP la.from TP till serangoon.LOL! now thats cool.haha. feel the loveee people.haha.

going for tree top walk with fam tmr.I THINK.if i feel like going la.8am HAHA abit early ah!going w parents cell grp lol.after that gg to raffles place to meet peter & kelvin & everyone else for wg socials meeting.peter’s evil.and thus i dont really feel like seeing him tmr ): haha wth okay raffles place is so darn far from where i stay haha crapppp.

i dont want another pretty face,i dont want just anyone to hold, i dont want my love to go to waste,i want you and your beautiful soul (:

bye world.tdy’s been pretty good (:

last night was crazy.haha had a mass convo with peter & kelvin.on the phone.and my phone died in the end.NO BATT.wth?haha.nyehhh.kelvin’s brother is drop-dead freakingggg funny.ohygoshh la.haha.i think our WG chalet will be fun. we should book the one next to the old changi hospital.the same one where we had our MILKERS chalet.haha its coolllll man.mmmhm.last night was the best night i had since..3 days ago (: youre happy,im happy.youre cool,im like it like that! whoohoo.

sch starts in..2 & a half hrs.SIAN!legal systems is the first lecture of the day.crapibballoooosss man.i shall look forward to 5pm.i’ll get to meet my BFFs then

sometimes its wrong to walk away,though you think its over,knowing theres so much more to say,suddenly the moments gone,and all your dreams are upside down,and you just want to change the way the world goes round.



oh yay the dark cloud has passed!im glad that youre fine & happy.i shall be happy too!yay.sooo.yes thanks for the talk,the promise and everything else.i guess its cool now yes yes! no more emoing,no more razor blades talk[SERIOUSLY OKAY!]more happiness and everything else! okay yay my day has been getting better.thank God for friends and for Bffs.and for clique!haha yayyy!bye emo stuff,hello happy world!so yes yes all you emo ppl out there,dont be emo!cause i love you!haha like that will make a difference.  LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE!

what the crappp

slept with a headache,woke up with a headache and still thinking abt last night and 2 nights ago.mmhmm.wg was good.snapped me out of that freaking mood.and mel ang’s sms was sooo…funny & made me so excited i would hv gone straight to the computer if i didnt have to rush to church.HURHH.went to grandparents house after baby cousin is so fat her cheeks wobble like fishballs.

oh you know that danggg feeling that makes you feel like crap ahhh.and im sorry.that things didnt turn out the way you expected it to sorry forrrr not being able to say sorry that youre emo over this.we’ll just leave it up to God okay?His timing.but still,thanks for the promise.

okay im like going outtt soon and ya.i hope your day has been better than mine (:

got this off soph & darsh’s blogggiesss!

Name someone who made you smile today.
many ppl leh how?(:

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
watching life with derrick on disney channel

How many different things did you drink today?
3 haha.

Who was the last person you kissed?
besides my parents huh?LOL.errr.idk.haha.

What color is your front door?
its its transparent lol.

Where do you keep your change?
wallet la.DUH.

What’s the weather like today?
normal and hot haha.

What is the best ice cream flavor?
chocolateee hahaha.all except vanilla.heh.

Are you random?
quite.I THINK!

do you talk alot?
you think leh?

Whats your favorite color?

What is the last thing you ate?

Do you have a nickname?
nikky.dingy.ding.whatever else there is haha. 

Are you a heavy sleeper?

Did you cry today?

Do you like someone right now?
haha yahhhhh.

Last time you listened to music?
just now in the car!

Do you miss someone right now?

How to make you touched?

haha i have no do sth for me la,i’ll tell you when im touched haha.

church was goooodddd today<3 mmhmmm.mel ang’s out with my * & * haha thats crappppyyy.okay not mine but mine in the future!i feel super siannndeddd now haha someone entertain me please?

edit 1026pm: is pure ccraaaap.i swear.and its messing things up damn badly.shoot screwed can this get?

freaking headache.ahhh.nothing new.and wow,how i su*k at love.

and thank you PPK.for everything.i love you<3

had i known,how to save a life.


oh wow i just did my hair and its like..abit red haha.highlightedddd.the hair dresser said tt red’s red lor redddd lorrr hahaha whoohoo my hair’s shorter ): im sad.haha the lady cut it.i miss my hairrrr i am gna turn emo.HAHA KIDDING.wth.tootshit.

to you:

eh its not you la.i think its ya ya its not your fault laaaaaaaa im just retarded (: and im sorry if like things dont work out or something.its just weird…mmhmm.nehmind i still love you as a frienddddd<3  you know that right!(: ahh okay dont be emo (: life’s like that.cheerrr upppp<3

okay i am so gna transfer to design school.for reasons that will not be revealed (:  only mel ang knows haha i shall tell the other 2 on mon!  i need to stick with mel ang 24/7.shes so super…lucky…haha..meeting * everywhere i am so drop dead jealous.AHHHHH!and she’s so nice.she gave up ASS for me.YAY.omg mel ang i love you haha but duh this is infatuationnnnnnnnn hurh hurh!

whoo.okay my cousin’s cmg over from his new place.HOW COOL IS THAT THAT MY COUSINS ARE GNA STAY JUST ACROSS THE ROAD FROM ME.jump 3 steps and reach my home.literally 3 steps.COOL yay i love my cousins heh hehh ahh okay time to get ready for church.BYE WORLD.tdy’s a quite nice day (: i think.