stupid egg yolk.

my mummy made me eat egg yolk today.she forced me to eat it.with the stupid egg white & lettuce & tomato on wholemeal bread.ohmytian.and she made me take some big big vitamin pills which i do not like at all.i hate egg yolk.those hard hard ones are like eeeewwwww hurhh hurhh.

im supposed to meet pris & erika & lam at 12.i think im gna be super early.i will reach by 11.cause mummy’s gna drop me there.hurhhhhhh i shall rot for one hour.

i really really really really really really [times 1000000000000000000] dont like those hard hard egg yolk. eeeyerrrrrrr :/

okay im off!more dvds to watch!



IMGP4285 IMGP4289 IMGP4277 IMGP4266 IMGP4274

why hello there gorgeous,this is for you!(: we must go to pastamania again and sit at our corner and pick out the stupid peas from our food (: heh and i shall crash your hse again,paint my nails,use your com,and watch you stare at your skater boy skating downstairs  i love love loveeee you very very up soon!

i like my milo.alotsss alotssss hahahas i think the fishbone games are gna screw up hahaha cause we 3 have no ideas and we aint getting no where w the games.haha wah.we die the most,ppl will die of boredom cause our games are BORRREEENNNGGGG hahaha now brown cow.this is crappppppyyy whappyy.okayyyyy watever i love theo walcott.


he said girl ya winning,she said boy where you been at.he said youre amazing,she said then why ya waiting.

took this ytd at the shop tt we got out tops!


THAT SHOP IS LOVE <333[thats png,debs & peiling ]


I JUST TIDIED MY ROOM.IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF.HAHA.i rearranged my stud earrings on THIS THING.look below!HAHA.its supposed to be a notice board.but i dont put up notices for myself i poked earrings through them.HAHAHA.


then i went to tidy my shelf.and i took a pic of my nail polish bottles!haha.i love nail polish ❤ see the flower bottle one-got 3 of them w soph!:D and see those tiny tiny ones?got those with mel ang & png! haha.


then i went on to tidy my other side of the shelf which contains sprays & whatever there is.its still messy.but heck anyone will see like that.hahaha.that small transparent spray bottle next to the orange one is my fav! HEH i love smelling it HAHAHA.the pink one is mel angs fav[USED TO BE.NOW IDK LA.LOL] and the other transparent one w a heart is annabelles fav LOL.and tt yellowish one-DEB & I HAVE THE SAME ONE  and the lip gloss thing-gorgeous & i have the same one!(: haha COOL manzxzxzx


my maid came into my room just as i was taking this.anw,SPONGEBOB SAYS BYE!HAHAsee the finding nemo soft toy hammer thing next to spongebobs hands?i got tt w clarissa & hot thing!


this sign is on my door  


okay imma happy girl.i found so much stuff tt i stuffed into my drawers and shelfs and everything!haha found valentines day letters & notes & pressies from my clique and other friends,found last yrs synapse sock thingy,found letters from cotton girl! found many things la HAHA im happy todayyyy

oh i like packet milo.i love love love it heh love it this much  HAHA the hearts soooooo cuteeeeeee omggggg.



I JUST TYPED ALL MY CRAP HERE and i decided to remove it cause i think its stupid and you wouldnt be bothered to read it anyway.

my day was so-so.didnt start of well,but watever.met erika for lunch and to get XXX’s present.

after that i met up with mel ang,mel png,debs and png’s churchies geraldine,pei ling,elton & kai song.they followed us to get our top from far east! ITS THEEE BOMBBB MANNN its LOVEEE HAHA i love it.her friends are damn straightfoward.they told us which top is good and which top isnt HAHA omg so cute HAHA theyre nice ppl .so anyway,the mels & i made a promise[OKAY IS IT A PROMISE?lol] that next week we shall not spend.HEH.lets see if we keep to it.i hope we will HAHA cause im rather broke mannnn. okay not surprising at all.HAHA.yep yepppp heh i just sent off my poly application stuff AIYOH.headache man HAHA so many forms to fill & submit like ROAR ROAR ROAR!poly should like start i wouldnt have to town so much.and i wouldnt have to go out & spend HURH HURHHHHHH.oh yes mel ang!dont be sadddd okay I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH!<33333 screw that person whoever he/she is and watever he/she did/said to you.lovelovelove!

in the mrt tdy.saw this boy who wasnt in know what i mean.he had some operation on his head.could see the cut lines and everything.everyone shunned him.he’s like 13+ yrs old?and like nobody wanted to sit next to him in the it was like 2 seats in btw him and the next person.wellll.he made some weird noises & he wanted to kick this really pretty girl near him.his father had to like practically sit on him to stop him from kicking and making weird noises.super poor thing.the father looked tired & all.mmhmm.was standing at the side looking..and thinking..maybe i shouldnt like complain so much abt everything[LIKE HOW my mummy wont let me buy so many sweets] when God has been so good to me all these while,all these 16+ years tt i have lived on this many things to thank Him my family[although sometimes we get angry w each other but still,,theyre the best and i love them!],my friends[you know who you all are],my WG,good health all these yrs,letting me to get into law @ TP,for basically everything in life.for everything He has provided me with although i dont deserve it.He’s been good.(: i love you God.and thank you for everything.



our fries at swensens ((:


our yam ice cream!<3


png png png 😀


the cup 😀




i took this pic!nice right HAHA.from the top floor of wisma. 😀 


ive been going to town like more than 3 to 4 times PER WEEK.OHMYTIAN.sian alr

anyhow,i got up at like 6am TDY follow my mummy for her medical check up with daddy.yes yes bla bla went to wisma with them.then off to novena to meet mel ang![: lunched at the QQ rice thing haha super crowded,lol.walked around to look for her someone’s present,didnt find anything,so we walked around somemore.then off to somerset to meet mel png 😀 they are the loves man.i love them ❤ went to collect our medical report,wah good thing got no problem w our bodies man the time we got out,it was raining LIKE CRAZY.seriously like mad.umbrellas didnt we practically walked in the rain.and it was like HIGH TIDE MAN.flooding.abit.haha.splashed our way throught the super gross water,reached HMV.walked around,wanted to go to billy bombers.but changed our went to swensens aft tt.HAHA png’s bestest of the best idea.HAHA.the YAM ICE CREAM THERE IS THE BOMMMMBBB MANNN ❤ omg superrrrr duperrr nice we ordered fries too OMG fatness of a lifetime.hahaha.went to far east aft tt.TT  SHOP.OMG.OMG.OMG.they sell like super nice things HAHA mel ang got her top alr!(: png & i are gna get ours tmr 😀 wah super NICE PLEASEEEE (x. we saw that actor that kumar guy hahaaa.okay went back aft tt.i went to novena[AGAIN]to meet my fam.dinner.and now im hereeee 😀

my retainers are stupid.they keep hurting my teeth haha they should just go & die man.chicken nyehh boom boom roar.tmr im gg out with erika!<3 then aft tt meeting w my melissas HAHAH 😀 png’s meeting her churchies and ang & deb are gg too[I THINK] so i shall bring erika along[IF SHE WANTS TO FOLLOW] and we shall make new friends 😀 HAHAHA.i think its cool (: okay pokeyyyy haha did i tell you how much i love going out with the mels?IM TELLING YOU NOW.I LOVE THEM 😀 HAHA okay la dont be jealous,I LOVE YOU TOO 😀


im blogging again

i like those dried mangoes thingy.SUPER NICEEEEEE HEH HEH love it love it love it.

charlene just told me sth very random on msn.

Charlene/MR BEAN;]/ All HANDBELLERS can go to my blog for the pictures:] says:

get a boyfriend leh

Charlene/MR BEAN;]/ All HANDBELLERS can go to my blog for the pictures:] says:


Charlene/MR BEAN;]/ All HANDBELLERS can go to my blog for the pictures:] says:

i don’t know

Charlene/MR BEAN;]/ All HANDBELLERS can go to my blog for the pictures:] says:

Just felt like saying that

Charlene/MR BEAN;]/ All HANDBELLERS can go to my blog for the pictures:] says:



yes darling,you are weird.super weird,LOL.but i still love you.hahaha.

ive got 3 mozzie out to kill all mozzies! HAHA this face is so cute its the angry face HAHAHAH!

mel just made me watch some stupid show on channel U,not even funny.just spastic.hahaha i watched cause she made me,png & deb watch okay!HAHA.

idk why but i cannot wait for fishbone cafe on sat HAHAHA i think i am weirder than charlene poh.heh

i cannot wait to meet the mels tmr.we’re gna spend money on food HAHA good way to grow fat!

sophy ophy mophy heh heh heh i love you.and darshy warshy parshy i love you too.and clara ara lammies i love you too 😀 heh heh.

im in love with my xanga blog hahaha i should stop blogging.



ive got a new blog up.THANKS TO MELISSA ANG SHU XIAN!yay i love her.HEH HEH.

i love all those smiley super cute.thats why i moved to xanga.i kinda miss my blogspot blog.heh oh well.time to move on.hahahah.this xanga site is freaking cool lol ive got this urge to blog 5 times a day HAHAH..

xangaaa rocks socks heh heh im having lunch now,watching cheaper by the dozen2,on msn with mel ang,playing some monkey game tt mark C asked me to play,and on phone w my mummy.WAH IM SUPER GOOD AT MULTITASKING PLS.HAHAHAH!


You say hello, inside I’m screaming I love you
You say goodnight, in my mind
I’m sleeping next to you
You drive away from my car crash of a heart
And I don’t know

But you gave me the best mixtape I have
And even all the bad songs ain’t so bad
I just wish there was so much more than that
About me and you

You talk to him, and it burns me like the sun
You talk to her, and you say that you feel like he’s the one
I talk to me, but you can’t hear the pain I feel
You don’t know

Cause you gave me the best mixtape I have
And even all the bad songs ain’t so bad
I only wish there was more than that
About me and you

Oh, don’t turn around and say bye again
Yeah it crushes my head when you call me
Your friend and I’m not the same person
From back in the day in the back of the class
That you thought was gay
No I can’t find the words cause I lost them
The minute they fell out of my mouth
And it’s love and I’m in it, so give me your lips
And just let me kiss ’em
And let’s get messed up and listen to possibly…

The best mixtape I have
And even all the bad songs ain’t so bad
I just wish there was more than that
About me and you.

LOVETHISSONG [: to end off,heres all the different smileys.  i love the pinky heart.