one year later…

i still think that heaven has been blessed with the prettiest angel ever & i hope you’re happy in heaven, N. i will never forget how your nice & super pretty wavy hair slapped my face while we were walking to class & how i was laughing & telling you your hair smelt good haha see you again one day when i get there




another week of fatty in camp boooo. wkends were great! my handphone was finally in use after 2 weeks hahaha. week 3 of camp boooo. lookg forward to saturday when he books out hohoho.

i have a test this week! & im going to school alone later HAHAHA because i have a 4pm submission! sickening leyyy. & im watching budgetbarbie on clicknetwork cos terence sent me the link haha i think qiuqiu is cute HAHA dont know why got so many haters! tsk quite entertaining video! lol how to buy $100 worth of stuff in far east plaza HAHA!

okay i need to eattttt. cant wait for school to end next fri! then 2 weeks study break HEHEHE tests also got study break one leh! POWER! 13 weeks to singaland!


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fatty is out & im so happy! haha. happiest 3 days in the last 2 weeks! talked to beeeesiang on the phone a while ago cos she was with her frieeeennnnnd buying army supplies & fatty was there too so i called fatty & he passed the phone to her hehehe so nice hearing her voice again HAHA.

today was shit boring. all i did was go to the post office & boring mall lol. post office nutz ley they charge parcels/documents according to SIZE OF ENVELOPE. so i have to repack what i wanted to mail to beegirl cos i wrapped in bubble wrap & bubble wrap = fatter size = they wont count as document but will charge under parcel which will cost 4 times more than a document sized thing. ANNOYING! i mailed a card & it was so expensive HAHA funnny to the max. & shopping was so boring so we settled for coffee instead. caramel macchiato super nice! so is starbux’s white chocolate macchiato! all time fav

shall go back to doing my essays & wallow in self pity haha i miss life in singa with fatty & his family & vanny serene beesiang brenda liying kimz choo para & of cos, the 9sychos! & i wonder how cleone is doing in dubai now.. i still dont have the guts to email her in case i say the wrong stuff HAHAHA. i have no life here! 13.5 more LONG weeks..

& tmr fatty goes back to camp NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


tmr fatty books out! i can hardly wait (even though im far away…) skype! at last. ❤ i've missed him so much & even more when i look at the videos we made! cant wait to get back to SG. ❤ (:

4 more days :)

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so busy w my assignments! spent 3 hours doing quiz + econs essay today. so tiring omggg. went to church today & it was good! their theme song’s so nice.

Hear the call of the kingdom
Lift your eyes to the King
Let His song rise within you
As a fragrant offering
Of how God rich in mercy
Came in Christ to redeem
All who trust in His unfailing grace

Hear the call of the Kingdom
To be children of light
With the mercy of heaven
The humility of Christ
Walking justly before Him
Loving all that is right
That the life of Christ may shine through us

King of Heaven we will answer the call
We will follow bringing hope to the world
Filled with passion, filled with power to proclaim
Salvation in Jesus’ name

Hear the call of the Kingdom
To reach out to the lost
With the Father’s compassion
In the wonder of the cross
Bringing peace and forgiveness
And a hope yet to come
Let the nations put their trust in Him♥

4 more days till fatty books out. omg i cannot w8! finally found the toycar from hotwheels that he wanted. lamborghini reventon or something hahaha. he will be so happy muaha. so cheap too! $2.70 only. sg’s hotwheels $3.50! HAHA. k time to watch movie on tv! think got the proposal tonight!<3 & i miss the girls very much ): love reading their emails!!!

one more week!



fatty one day let’s go to the E.tower okay! hahaha. it looks so pretty from pictures! :B one more week till fats books out! faster faster fasterrrrr. today they’re on a 4km road march whatever that isaha damn sian i think i walk 4km a day to & from schoolllll. one more day till weekends! & my assignments are piling up like free like that!