Photo on 2010-08-01 at 16.00

Photo on 2010-08-01 at 16.00 #3

international baptist church at howick today! met my parents long time friend since youth fellowship days. had lunch tgt. it was mega awkward (i will tell the girls in my next email HAHA). shopping at botany downs again. bought fatty some funny simpsons shirt hahaha it says my daddy shoots ppl lol wth. & mummy bought me a jacket that was so cheap from $50+ to $15 hahaha & i bought mummy her key covers or whatever you call those cappy stuff you put on the head of your key! nothing much to do now anw! just replied rollie’s email! & sent an email to fatty to read when he books out. just so i wont forget to tell him what happened in the day hahaha lameeee. i really miss singapore & everyone there! nz sucks only because i dont have you girls with me pooooo. week 3 of school tmr! haha freaking boringgggg. 2 half more hours before i get my phone call! & meanwhile i shall 1)facebook 2)lie on the sofa & wait 3) study. options 1 and 2 seem more appealing haha byeeee have a great week you all!


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