i miss you. and i love your small boy picture hahaha.


day 3 at tekong. it’s 12midnight in auckland! im waiting for the clock to strike 130am, because that’s when fatty will call me! so far his army training has been fine i guess! aha no complaints so should be good! i think im becoming damn patient haha. i wait for his nightly 5-10 min calls from 130-145am, and i receive smses from him at 9-930am everyday. so that’s about the only communication window time haha. oh welllz better than nothing! fattyyy hurry book out on 12 aug okay!


went to the beach today.lovely weather. i should be doing my econs essay right now but im just too lazy to start. rarrrr okay maybe i shall study econs instead of doing the essay. gooodabyez i miss the girls so much!


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