dont know why i cant rotate pictures. annoying ttm! fatty went to tekong already im freaking sad! like from seeing each other everyday in sg till i moved to nz..& from talkg every min to..what, 15 min phone calls A DAY? fcking sad or what! & i heard from bs..no national holiday omygoodness.fatttttyyyy! i hope you’re doing okay one good thing is that bs’s bf same company as fatty! so maybe they’ll be good friends just like us hehe. normally same company ppl v close close one! so i guess i should be thankful since i was praying that fatty will meet good ppl. haha. oh wellllz so im alone now sian ttm. waiting for phonecalls haha. i live by less-than-15-minute phone calls now. okay maybe i should study. oh ya i had $6 btea w vera today.taste worse than koi yet it’s more ex.ironiccc helloooo someone should tell nz btea vendors that they should be charging $2! not $6! haha ahhh fatty i miss you.


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