4-up on 2010-06-27 at 14.30

school started officially started. uni is crazy. so many people, & the only person i know is vera HAHA but made a few friends,mostly her friends so yeeeeaaah. we bused tgt today! took the northern express to the city. i bought the round trip ticket, just found out they have that! $8.80 for 2 rides. so people in singapuraaaa your bus fares are dirt cheap as compared to here! HAHAHA. lectures were like zzz econs & comlaw! omg & suddenly it’s like everyone’s chionging to study and idk why ahha first day of school only! people are carrying their coursebooks around like free like that! each book is at least 3-4 inches thick! & i havent gotten mine yet cos when we went to look at the Q…200 people in front of us! literally! so can totally forget about Q-ing haha tmr then go Q! got my NZ bank ATM card hehe & vera attended econs w me. she’s actually in yr 2 but she went w me cos i didnt know where the lecture hall was haha so dumb. after com law we walked down to the northern express bus and on the way i passed by valley girl so i dropped by to get for fatty’s mother the top she wanted hahaha. walked from the park & ride all the way to the mall, ALONE-.- i didnt know the walk was SO FAR like about 2km + & so scary walking alone in the gloomy weather lol.

okay so yes tmr im gonna take the bus ALONE! whoo first time hope i dont get lost haha, i wish fatty could be here with me POOOPOOOO no company ): & i just chatted w mel ang! ❤ tsk so funny leh mel go get married already okay! HAHA

time to study hard this round! no more O level period. it’s uni period SUCKFEST. annoying.


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