Photo on 2010-07-01 at 13.45 #2

woke up early so i could book us eclipse tickets! crazy pls 8am+ already 3/4 full for the 435pm show at amk cathay! hahaha managed to get couple seats but obviously no student price for online booking so it was like $7.50 x 2 + $1 booking fee = $16! had lunch @ the usual area w fatty, walked down to meet him & walked up to my place after lunch. played w my pond fishies & i saw one fish give birth like right in front of my legs. took her out cos she was so fat i wanted to like play with it but it ended up giving birth VIA HER MOUTH WTF. i thought fishies shit their babies out HAHA apparently not. kinda funny threw her back into the water again. walked down to bus to amk, queue was horrendous good thing the online bookg lane was empty! nv book online confirm plus a million chops got no good seats. fatty bought me popcorn! the sweet one! thought he wouldnt make it to the show cos he was playing in my room with my bolster-.- on the floor. hahaha. dinnered after that & went home. walked backkkk. walked up & down to my place like 4 times today damn fit la hor! heeeeheeee okay gooodabyeeeez i miss fatty i took like 150 pics of us on photobooth, one pic per day for everyday i am in nz without him.till december. HAHA ilovefatty.


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