food for thought w fatty ytd, nice place but food quite ex for the portion they give lol. but it was still good! & i’d go back again! went w parents to make my international driving license. so mafan right haha. bought birthday presents for sis & mummy. am poorer once again, what’s newwww. but i know they’ll like it! so im happy haha

AT NIGHT. after watching my 7pm chinese show, i yelled to mummy downstairs to tell me when my uncles come to take some stuff. & i saw fatty walking up the stairs, WITH VANNY BEHIND HIM. & i ran into my room to change (cos i at home v lupsup HAHA shorts & shirt) & omgggg. i heard bren ly serene bs vanny kim choo yelling outside! HAHAHA they came to my placeeeeee with cupcakes (made by vanny) & winter wear! awwwww so sweet loveeees thank you bbgs! i love you x 14612956915917591. mummy ordered 4 gigantic pizzas for us! ate till left 3 slices & we had vanny’s awesome cuppycakeys! thank you bb for the cupcakes! DAMN NICE TO EAT. tonight i eat again! hehe hung around till 11pm++ then fatty sent all of them back (SO GENTLEMANLY HAHAHA PUKES LOL). they made my day, night, everything. i love, vanny kim serene beesiang brenda christine liying! (ya ya and fatty also AHAHA) ultimate con me still tell me he watching tv call me at 8. basket! AHA cannot get over it lol but thankq verrrry muchhh girlzzz skype you all from nz okay! lovelove!

gotto jet, meeting fats in an hour at town! DIE HAHA


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