never say never

4-up on 2010-06-27 at 14.30

was watching justin.b’s never say never music vid w jaden smith HAHA so cute!(talking about the latter hereeee)!
Today was youth sunday! It was greaaaat! matt lo’s sermon was good + not boring! came home w fatty to pack. yay 2 of us alone at home haha. cleared out stuff again sighhh i wna keep so many things but there’s no space poooo so it has to be given away! ice teh tarik + cheekwayyy @ market! bought dinner back cos tonight not meeting cousins. ahah DAMN SIAN. one more week wtfffff new life new everything.

sentosa ytd w fatty & his friends, aaron’s birthday! sun was nice, not too hot not too cloudy! but the volleyball whammed into my middle finger so my finger is currently SO HUGE + bruised + bloody. internal bleeding ouch. looks like a fatfat finger omgggg.

Photo on 2010-06-27 at 18.34

the right one is much fatter! & bruised on all the joints. tsk. fatty says i am damn fat now. & tt i better exercise now & in nz else ill be even fatter & get clogged arteries. eeeee. shall use the cross trainer in nz-.- hate exercising. & FATTY IS SO MEAN :< tmr going to get my international driving license so i can drive in nz. pooo not like i drive alot here anyway. hahaha driving=feel like sleeping. myehhh nz in 8 days, 3rd year anniversary in 27 days, army in 32 days. crazy july for sure.k,i cant type properly without my middle finz so byebye!


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