lunched near my house at this thai restaurant. very cheap $7.50 NETT for main course + side dish + drink + dessert. NO GST NO SERVICE CHARGEEEE! went shopping w mummy sis fatty. wanted to change phone housing but daddy says later i get brain cancer all. haha & it’s quiteee expensive @ $100 for full pink housing + changing service. cos the housing only costs $30++ from truesupplier.com! lol. no pinkkk housing for now. mummy bought me a cardigan while i was wandering at bugis w fatty. we had koi! probably my last cup or so. haha siannnnnn. oh oh we had dinner w fatty’s family minus his sister HAHA moi lum! at red dot museum there. NICE FOOD! terence damn funny omg can die drop dead funny haha laugh till stomach pain like siaaaaoooo. nice dinner + nice company hehe fatty’s family is verrryyy cute & nice haha i like alot. & im so full & im craving for coke right NOW. maybe i should go get a can. haha k, goodaaabyeee tmr is like packed ttm. & i wanna meet my clique but idk if i can damn sian.


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