celebrated our 35th today! simple lunch @ TCC. they have this 1 for 1 promo so we paid $25 for 2 seafood pasta + one tall caramel drink without the promo it’ll be like $45? aha so yep worth your buck if you go TCC now! went walkwalk a whileeee. bought one shirt for 35th for fats & he bought me a dress, bought myself another top-.- & im annoyed cos i always waste money. searched for birthday presents for sis & mummy but there were NO NICE STUFF AT ALL. (this smiley is retarded <—-) walked from orchard to plaza sing & bumped into my primary one classmate, vanessa ho! HAHA omg she's so cute & she looks exactly the same since primary 1!HAHAHA. so pretty tooooo! was a good day out. 10 more days wah farrrkkkk it please. really not looking forward to winter.

23 months till army is over. HAHA im counting down! xfingersx happy 35th fatty! thanks for the present + hope you like yours haha your shirt is so funny dont make furrings on it okay! haha loveyou x infinity & beyond lol. dinner w fatty’s fam + my fam tmr. tsk ultimate joke. fatty’s sis just left for korea, have a safe trip + dont shop so much lol!

okay bye back to my itunes!


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