spent the day at fatty’s! we met his mother at bpp & went for dessert haha watched 7pm chinese show on xinmsncatchup in an air con room on the bed SO NICEEEE. if only life was this simple? eat already watch tv, watch already sleep. HAHA repeat cycle. i hope in like maybe 5 years time when i start working i can be like the aunties on the 9pm chinese drama HAHA finish work already go out w fatty/call vanny serene chipbelle rollie choo hamz kim all go out late night drink HAHA i like dreaming lol. hopefully everyone will be in sg? had dinz at chomps w my fam but i tabao-ed back cos i was too full from the cheesecake fatty’s mama gave me haha. i love my agnes b tote! (@yq & v@vantan hope you like yours too!haha) i cannot w8 to use it but i scared spoil HAHA cos im so rough with bags.

2 days to our 35th monthsary!(:

k bye, 16 & pregnant on mtv soon!


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