yay steamboat at tian fu ytd was g8 w vanny chipbelle hammy rollie keemz & fats. beegirl was missed!<3 ma la huo guo ABIT HOT AH. abit. haha lips burning like crazy. then we had ice cream after that! sooo super yummy i could eat some butterscotch for breakie right now!lol. after ice cream we piled into the car & fatty drove all of us to SIMLIMMMMM aha didnt buy anything just walked around lookg at ipads. went off w fatty & headed to his house for bbq! brought his new ‘chocolate’ over hahaha. dinner was funnnnyyyy & we had mao wang durians! i ate 3 seeds! & fatty drove me home before sending terence to duane’s house HAHA singapore idol seyyy tsk lol. k bye gtg church HAHA wanted to blog ytd but i kinda forgotttt.



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