Karate Kid was awsm! 5 stars! loved it hahaha maybe i should watch it again. met fatty after he dropped by NP to get his transcripts. macs for lunch cos i wanted it! i love macs sooo much. didnt rly do much today cos town was/will always be boring. burberry gucci all having sale! but for selected ladies stuff only. need to get fatty’s advanced bday present soon, SINCE I WONT BE AROUND IN SEPT BOOOOOHOOO. nehmind, i love you can already right?



just enrolled for my classes today. AIYOH DONT KNOW HOW SCH WILL BE LIKE, but im sure i can never find such nice friends like my poly ones in UOA. SIANNN LEYYYY. mummy will be my bestfriend/lunch buddy/ sms buddy HAHA what a lonely lifeeeeee.

fatty imy your phone sucks cos it’s so laggy or maybe it’s mine haha both suck let’s change back to nokia! & iloveyou hahaha


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