Today was Pixar Toy Story day! THANKQ FATTY FOR TREATING US HAHAHA. (ill treat you this wk k!) we had lunch at the SUPER OVER CROWDED MACS @ science centre! SO ANNOYING ALL THE AUNTIES RUSHING FOR TABLES sot sot one leh really. we stood up from our table & this aunty literally CHARGED toward us omg wtfff haha crazy! caught 3D toy story 2 from 1-230pm hehe it was so good & cute love it so much! now i wna watch toystory 3 in 3D! The exhibition was great too. we went in twice! & we had the cheater space ice cream SO DISGUTING WTF not even ice cream more like BISCUIT. hahaha kanasaaaaiiiii. anw it was a good trip w fatty & terence!

after the pixar thing went to ‘visit’ my grandma & grandpa cos it’s their 5th & 16th death anniversary respectively & since we’re going away in 3 weeks we decided to go visit w my cousins one last time before we leave! wish they were still alive becauseeee i miss them.& i dont like to think of them stuck in soil & never coming out. but then again heaven is a much better place then earth & being with God, WHY NOT?

we had dinner at furama waterfront NOT NICE LEY HAHAHA the crab & prawns all not nice! kuishinbo/triple3/the line wins hands down! their food all kinda crappy & no fresh one lol. but wtv company was good haha my cousins are crazy & retarded. my feet hurt & so imma sleep now! GOODNIGHTTTTT! fatty iloveyou i think youll make a handsome army boy hehehehe.


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