you & me, just us two :)


This was today! we caught Sex & The City 2. HAHA quite hilarioussssss but rather draggy ah. 2 half hours! had lunch w my dearest mummy & my fatty @ taka. went to check out toystory toys for terence & saw some cute ones that i shall get for him when IM NOT SO BROKE LIKE NOWWW-.- I DIDNT KNOW MACS DOESNT HAVE CINNAMON MELTS ANYMORE! :< ultimate depression. WHYYYY!!! i wanna eat!!! today was a good day.<3 everyday w fatty is always good hahaha.

& below.. our HK trip pictures! i miss march so much. i miss HK’s famous bubble tea & h&m & street food + shopping. i miss our hotel room & bathtub & disneyland & cable car that could go above the clouds. i miss aunty grabbing my hand telling me to eat this & that hahaha. i miss fatty’s loud breathing when he’s asleep. i miss terence complaining about his mother eating so much HAHAHA i miss our holiday. Another one in december/jan okay fatty? see when you can book out & i come back & we go holiday!




Tmr going over to fats house for a swim before da yi ma comes-.- sickening bitch. & frog leg porridge at night(!!!) & fri we’re going to do the tree walk, next week we are going to pulau ubin cos ive never been there before! exxxxciting. i must learn to be independent & adapt to life in nz. i must learn to trust God more because it seems that i always make plans for myself without surrendering it to Him. I have friends going on missions! Serene bee & Cleoney! 10 & 9 months respectively to Philippines & Middle East. So proud of them (: going on missions is not an easy thing, especially having to be away from family & friends for such a long period. I’ll be praying for the both of you from SG & NZ ❤ REMEMBER TO COME ONLINE & UPDATE ME! haha (:

that’s about it. my eyes are effing swollen i think i look uglier than ever. already ugly + my gross eyes = fugly ball of lard that looks like a storybook-.- SIAN TTM. need to put super thick eyeliner. k bye, off to skype w my one & only HAHAHAHA. ❤


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