Photo on 2010-06-04 at 17.13 #2

Photo on 2010-06-04 at 17.11 #2

Photo on 2010-06-04 at 17.11 #2



spent tdy w mummy & sis grocery shopping in e morning w awsm tehping & the afternoon @ seoul gardens w fatty and his 2 friends. eat till sick shit they all wanted to puke hahaha so funny pls. The service staff there srsly attitude problem, one tourist didnt know how to use the ice kachang blender machine & asked the counter staff, guess what the staff replied? :” READ THE PAPER LA! ALREADY OVER THERE” WTF-.- sg service srsly sucks to the max. & they didnt wna change our grill cos they said only can change ONCE-.- since when was it stated? then the grill full of burnt shit expect us to eat ah-.- haha srsly mannn-.- shall never dine at seoul garden again! half over 5 popcorns LOL.
ended up buying stuff for fatty & his brother cos terence’s bday is cmg in about a month! byeeee $$$ ): ahhaha. anw the buys were nice so im happy & so is fatty! secretly smiling to himself while trying the jacket-.- HAHAHA ❤

tmr going kuishinbo w vanny rollie hammie beegirl & fatty :> hammie & rollie sick uh! but still can buffet HAHA POWERPACK IS US. GWS (GETWELLSOON) so we can makan like free tmr! lovelove<3 ❤ & i just skyped w vanny HAHA it was freaking funny we video called & saw each other HAHAHA omggg shall do this everyday when i go to nz so i wont miss them too much hehehe snortzzzz. k gtg goodaaaabyeeee martians! 😛


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