baby you’re my wonderwall

was having a random chat w wenkai he stupidly disappeared since the day of our last paper in TP! omg-.- & he was saying have girlfriend = waste time, money & effort so i told him to call me when he gets married, if ever. HAHAHA

W says: (10:22:57 PM)
W says: (10:23:20 PM)
i think you wait til your breasts sag also wont receive calls from me man
W says: (10:23:21 PM)
Nicole ❤ Kelvin :B 34th! says: (10:23:54 PM)
AHHAHA pls alr sagging need push ups

i miss TP days. HAHAHA. anw tdy i caught SHREK with fatty! so cute pls the ogres babies! awww i would like to bring them home please! went to change whiteberry w sis haha why dont they call it whiteberry since it’s white-.- & we had dinz at yumcha! daddy kept feeding fatty duck + cod fish so funny haha.


ooogays shall continue on msn so byeee haha oh yes go to the group BAGGAGE AND click the ‘LIKE’ button on FACEBOOK FOR MELISSA ANG (MY BFF!). OKAY OKAY? pls click by 1159pm TONIGHT THANKEWZ VERY MUCH ❤


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