remember that i love you :)

prawning part 2! tdy was good! we caught BIG PRAWNS HAHA! was telling beesiang we should go w the rest! better than hanging around town the whole day lol. the prawns pulled the rod so much it curved so bad haha but in the end they still died awww cos we bbq-ed them! so yummy! & after that we had koiiiii hazelnut milk tea! normal milk tea still the besttttt & then stupid pedro at ps CON ME PLEASE. ytd tell me go PS collect the shoes knn they out of stock still ask me go there FOR WHATTTT omg tmd.waste my time, mrt $ & effort travelling there for nothing. stupid lousy service ended up buying stuff from cotton body-.-haha the tops & sleeping wear all v nice! fatty pangseh me go for prom at orchard hotel. so now im bored & alone siaaaaaaaan!

going to have a stall at HOMECLUB flea on sun from around 12+ to 8+ at night, COME & VISIT ME! haha & going prawning (AGAIN! so addictive) on sat morning w my familyyy & then to ryan’s 21st at night! WHOOOOO. BUTTTT NZ is getting closer. im getting scareddddd cos i cannot leave/live without fatty omg i am so dependent on him; i should just grow up-.-

AMERICAL IDOL FINALE GOT SO MANY RANDOM SINGERS dunno who haha wasting time hurry tell me the winner!!!


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