My belated birthday lunch w my family @ triple3! hehe omg it’s better than shangrila’s the line. (VANNY LET’S GO EAT!) The food spread can make your eyes bulge. escargot, sashimi, smoked salmon,duck, fish soup, cooked foods, teppenyaki prawns/veg/fish, desserts like tiramisu cheesecake eclairs ice cream bread pudding kueh mousse (ALOTTTT), duck noodles w dumplings, salad, sushi, crab, cold prawns etc. super yummy! thankq parents. HAHA. please bring us there again!

went to pedro wanted to buy daddy shoes for fathers day butttt out of stock for the one he wanted-.- so i reserved one pair at PS tmr go collect hehehe. mummy bought us clothes & a jacket for nz’s winter! haha so niceeee i want to wear it in SG alr but probably will burn to death in the heat as such. met fatty’s mummy in town & we cabbed to his house for dinner prepared by terence! HAHA so yummy. crepes w chicken & pasta! WHOOOOO. & off to bishan prawning w cai, his 2 friends & jeff! zomg prawning is a real test of patience! i caught one medium sized one HAHA SO FUN to catch but need to flip the rod fast else the prawn will jump off. lol. fatty brought home our catch (2 ONLY LEH POK) & he ate them (WITHOUT ME-.-) hahah tmr we’re going again, bringing my sis! oh & macdodo has arrived! yay bye acer. lousy pokkkk always crashing on me.



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