we had gelare waffles today! only because fatty & his friends wanted to eat. sooo i had ice cream & waffles! but only ate half cos the feeling after eating 1/4 is like damn gross? hahaha ok!(: his friends are damn funny! i still rmb his last month his friend said fk you to another friend, then the other friend said okay fk you upside down inside out want anot? anw ah ma cooked pigs trotters w ultra lots of vinegar! went to her house to take. & i took some of daddy’s baby pictures HAHA i show you one. YOU TELL ME FUNNY OR NOT! haha the forehead still so high HAHAHAHAHA

tmr going triple3 eat lunchhh dunno nice or not hahaha & at night gg prawning w cai & jeff hehe looking forward! listen to more army stories HAHA. & this month i’m pokkai till cui already. pok to the maxxxxx siannn lehhhh feel like eating yoguru now siannnn koi also siannn i want!


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