Happy graduation fatty!

Today was fatty’s grad! haha ohohhh vanny i forgot to mms your sis the pic-i wore the dress she gave me!HAHA we had subway for lunch & then we went to g2000 to buy pants.last minute like siaooo & it was too long so i went to fatty’s house to sew it for him HAHA! i can set up alteration shop already k? left house w his parents & we went to NP! waited for Terence & went for the ceremony hehe TP’s one still better, but Happy Graduation + 34th Month fatty! Hope you like the B shirt hehe Vanny, Serene & I had a hard time hiding it last wed okay!!! you better wear it till there are a million holes in it. I don’t even own those kinda shirts myself!HAHAHA, iloveyou.


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