ytd we had lunch & island cremary snack w cai! haha some stupid JC students from dunno which JC kept hinting to us to like leave so that they could take our seats. but we purposely sat even longer & just when they decided to sit outside we gave up our seats to other ppl HAHAHA & one of the boys was like oh we came out at the wrong time too baddd who ask you make stupid comments hahahahaha. anw ytd was fun ate so much ice cream! but so shiok.reverso & burnt caramel!

tdy sis & i had a stall at JUBIFLEA! haha some flea organised by NUS and the rental $ goes to SUNDAC. got back some $ not bad hehehe quite fun but so tiring plus nv really eat lunch/dinner. fatty came down & so did his mummy! & it was very fun selling stuff & all lol. doing it again next week at BUGIS area.another flea!

anw 2 more days to our 34th! i love my fatty & i like how i can call him anytime hahaha & randomly talk about stupid stuff or stuff that is like totally irrelevant to any other person, & i like how we sms each other wherever we are & saying stuff like oh im crossing the road now or some stupid thing hahahahaha okay whatever. it’s just fun

haha okay ive got a splitting headache tmr need to wake up early for church!


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