beyzacase from terence! :B

Terence(fatty’s brother) gave me a beyzacase for my birthday! awwww so sweet hahaha thankq! it’s for bb & it’s hot pink omg hehehe made out of cow leather or smthg, smells good! THANK YOU T! i will treat you to makan or buy you smthg for being in the top 10% of your cohort hehehehe

hahaha this is the pink!!!! so niceeee hehehehehe

2 pics from grad ytd! hehe will upload more here when ive time. ill be missing times like the above in ilaw chambers where we spent so much time printing projects & rushing last min work on the computers there + secretly eating & snorting & laughing in there

okay gotto jet to clementi to meet fatty & then to NP to collect his gown + lunch w caicaicaicai whoowhoo & 2night mummy is gonna cook fishheadcurrrrry hehehehe & fatty is cmg for dinner!


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