Today: wonton(sp!?) chilli noodles + coke + walking around town checking out mani/pedi to do tmr w vanny & serene! so excited! i havent done mani pedi for ages already & far east ones are rly cheap! like $18 for express mani+pedi.most expensive ones are like maybe $30 for both? still quite okay i think but we shall save $ & do cheaper ones haha since nails only last for a week plus minus just got back from ellen borough buffet w our friends since usa days wah the boy so smart leh SATs he got perfect score 2400 i feel so inferior plus he’s doing triple degrees at the uni of michigan zomggg 3!!!! financial math + stats + econs wahhh i can die hahaha. anw food was good & the food i ate was 1kg-.- i just took my weight puke please. anw i cant wait for tmr x infinity i am so excited & graduation is coming whoohoooooo!


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